Waltz Endorses Donald Trump for President

Waltz Endorses Donald Trump for President

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 21, 2023

Florida Rep. Mike Waltz (R) has just endorsed President Donald Trump (R) for President. The endorsement comes at a time when it's alleged that the DeSantis Team is worried over the support that Trump is receiving from Congressional Republicans.

A day after news broke out that President Trump was endorsing his legislation that would authorize military use against Mexican drug cartels, Rep. Waltz has announced that he is endorsing President Trump for President. Waltz joins a number of other lawmakers including Florida Rep. Greg Steube (R) in supporting the President.

In a statement, Waltz lamented the work of the Biden administration, calling President Joe Biden's (D) time in office "disastrous for our country."

"Inflation is rampant, our southern border is wide open, China is on the rise and embarrassing us on the global stage, the left have wasted trillions of dollars, and the Washington bureaucracy is worse than ever before," Waltz added, noting that "Biden's devastating handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan killed 13 of our brothers and sisters."

Waltz argues that President Biden's time in office has "not only weakened the U.S. but emboldened terrorists around the world who seek to strike back at America." In response to this, "we need experienced and proven leadership back in the White House."

He goes on to explain why President Trump should win in 2024, saying that "Trump secured our southern border, created seven million jobs with record-low unemployment, brought manufacturing back to the U.S., made America energy independent and affordable, brokered historic Middle East peace deals, destroyed the ISIS caliphate, launched the Space Force, took out Soleimani, gave veterans choice, and put measures in place to stop China’s march towards global dominance."

"The many crises facing our country demands bold leadership like President Trump has demonstrated. Now more than ever we need him back in the White House to bring back U.S. leadership and credibility," Waltz concluded.

DeSantis has not announced his intention to run although political pundits speculate that has set his sights on the White House. With President Trump's support in Florida growing by the day, this will likely stir a response from the DeSantis camp should he decide to run for office.

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Daniel Molina

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