Waltz Warns CRT 'Endangers' Military

Waltz Warns CRT 'Endangers' Military

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 26, 2023

The conversation regarding Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been a divisive topic of discussion, but now the conversation has shifted from the classroom to the military. Florida Rep. Mike Waltz (R) penned an op-ed this weekend, discussing CRT and the threat he believes it poses to the military. Waltz warns that CRT "endangers our readiness to deter, fight and win wars."

Florida Republicans have been on the frontline of pushing back against Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Critical Race Theory proposals, deeming them "woke" and a threat to society. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has campaigned against the measures, maintaining that Florida is the state where "woke goes to die."

Waltz, who opposes the effort, is now calling on the military to reject them as well, warning that they pose a great threat to their success.

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, the Florida Republican argued that "Viewpoint diversity can be beneficial even in an autocratic organization such as the military. What’s harmful is the Defense Department’s uncritical focus, through DEI, on racial differences that has weakened the colorblind warrior culture, eroded morale, undermined unit cohesion, and compromised combat effectiveness."

Waltz goes on to explain that "this fixation also diminishes trust and confidence in the chain of command. Because of preferences’ questionable legality, commanders deny their use or try to camouflage them under the label of 'inclusion,' commenting that "war fighters aren’t fooled. Depriving them of the best-qualified leaders of any race has potentially disastrous consequences."

Ultimately, he makes the call for leaders in the military to "reverse course and abandon their hyperfocus on race. Instead, they should embrace colorblindness—the cultural imperative that has helped make our forces indomitable."

Rep. Waltz is a veteran, having served as a Green Beret, and he serves on numerous committees including the House Armed Services Committee.

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Daniel Molina

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