DeSantis's SB 150 Gun Bill Draws Over-the-Top Testimony From Gun Control Activist

DeSantis's SB 150 Gun Bill Draws Over-the-Top Testimony From Gun Control Activist

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
March 9, 2023

When debate and discussion for Florida Senator Jay Collins’ (R) Gov. Ron DeSantis- supported SB 150 gun measure was announced, fireworks and heated public outcry on the measure were expected.

The Senate Committee meeting on Thursday to discuss Sen. Collins’ bill did not disappoint.

The gun violence group Moms Demand Action and Equality Florida made their presence known during the proceeding.

Two activists were booted out for inappropriate behavior, while others stormed off in angry disapproval, accusing the Republican-led Senate of eventually voting on a bill that would kill children.

The testimonials were nothing less than passionate.

One activist, FSU student Isabella Burgos, gave what appeared to be a very scripted, coached, and rehearsed statement to the committee.

“I realized with this bill, I could die at any moment, and I would suddenly be considered a number.  When walking back to my dorm at night after classes, I realized that I could die at any moment,” said an emotional Burgos. “I feel threatened at all times. I’m fearing for my life.”

Burgos added, “permitless carry is reckless and extreme, it is asking me to bulletproof myself even when I sleep.”

Jay Collins
Sen. Jay Collins

Burgos’s testimony was seen as extreme or over the top by several gun activists listening to the meeting.

“Before the gun bill was filed, did she feel in fear for her life? If she feels threatened of being shot and killed all the time, maybe she needs to talk to someone about that,” said one attendee.

We caught up to Burgos prior to her testimony where she spoke to several Spanish-language media outlets, reciting almost verbatim what she read to the committed minutes later.

Burgos was being shadowed by a male individual who appeared to be coaching her during the interview.

When we asked Burgos what she would say to FSU students who supported the SB 150 gun bill, Burgos is seen looking over to the right where the male in question was standing, refusing to answer the question we posed to her.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gaultieri, who does not support Open Carry, spoke out in support of the SB 150 legislative measure, saying that there were “aspects of this bill that do a lot to improve and support public safety in Florida.”

Sheriff Gaultieri said that the bill appropriates more than $1 million to support law enforcement to help bolster gun training efforts.

“If you are carrying conceal you have to have Id and produce it,” added Sheriff Gaultieri, who said that “disqualifiers” for anyone carrying a concealed weapon are available to police during traffic stops.

“It doesn’t make any difference whether someone has a permit or not,” concluded Gaultieri.

Representatives from the Gun Owners of America and the NRA spoke out in support of the gun measure.

Lisa Williams, a gun activist, testified that “We need to protect our children at home, but at school,” and that allowing her to poses a firearm to protect her family as critical.

“Allowing me to protect myself and my family without government permission is critical,” said Williams. “As a parent I am also thankful for the school safety measures in the bill.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis helped frame Sen. Collins’ bill and recently stated that he supported Constitutional and Open Carry in Florida.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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