DeSantis Shares Thoughts on Ruling Against Biden's Catch and Release Immigration Policy

DeSantis Shares Thoughts on Ruling Against Biden's Catch and Release Immigration Policy

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
March 12, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) recently shared his thoughts on U.S. Federal Judge T. Kent Wetherell II’s ruling on President Joe Biden’s (D) illegal immigration border policy.

“What the ruling basically says is that Joe Biden’s been violating the law, his oath in office, and the Constitution,” stated Gov. DeSantis during an appearance on Fox Business's "Sunday Morning Futures."

The Florida governor elaborated on his criticism of the alleged tactics of the Biden administration.

“They are using this idea of parole, and they are converting it into a way to nullify our immigration laws. It’s one of the reasons you’ve had millions and millions of people illegally pour across the border. Biden then paroles them, and then they get released into our communities.”

According to Gov. DeSantis, the Biden administration’s policies have caused Florida to have to deal with border crossings at a higher rate.

“And, so Florida, we have had to deal with it, but I tell you, Maria, we also have to deal with boats coming from Haiti and Cuba. And the coast guard does a great job, but Biden doesn’t give them enough resources.”

The Florida governro informed the public about Florida’s well-being, stating, “We’re actually under a state of emergency in Florida for the Florida Keys area.”

“I’ve searched state resources to bring those boats to a trickle, you haven’t seen as many, and we’ve been able to help the Coast Guard repatriate 11,000 illegals just since August, which I think is a…success story,” said DeSantis.

“So, you see the impacts all over, but we, I think in this court case, are really leaning in, and I think this is going to have national implications because this should apply nationwide, and should force them to have to change their policy,” concluded  Gov. DeSantis.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) released a similar statement about the federal ruling.

"Yesterday, another federal court announced what Texans—and Americans—have known all along: President Biden's open border policies are, in the words of Judge Wetherell, 'akin to posting a flashing Come In We’re Open sign on the southern border,’” the Texas lawmaker’s statement reads.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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