FPL Adds Two New Solar Energy Centers in FL

FPL Adds Two New Solar Energy Centers in FL

Green energy taking over Florida

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
February 16, 2023

Florida Power and Light (FPL), the largest energy company in Florida often makes headlines in Florida politics, and are targeted by Democrats that believe the energy giant is not as "green" as they would like it to be.

However, FPL is a legitimate green energy player across the state of Florida, as exampled by their recent success with creating solar energy centers.

Actually, FPL is the largest solar energy producer in the state.

FPL has recently announced the addition of 10 new solar energy centers in Florida, enough to power 150,000 homes.  The sites include Cavendish Solar Energy Center in Okeechobee County and two in St. Lucie County: Pink Trail Solar Energy Center and Bluefield Preserve Solar Energy Center in St. Lucie County. The site in Okeechobee will provide power to the FPL Cavendish NextGen Hydrogen Hub, which is expected to be completed at the end of this year, FPL says, and will be state's first-of-its-kind "green hydrogen" facility.

The other new locations are two in Calhoun County, one in Clay County, one in Escambia County, one in Jackson County, one in Miami-Dade County and one in Santa Roe County.

Although it may sound like only a few, the new sites generate 745 megawatts of quiet, emissions-free energy, which would be equivalent to taking 140,000 gasoline-dependent cars off the road each year, according to FPL.

Here is a 2022 handout outlining FPL's solar energy facilities.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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