Donalds Debunks House Democrat's Claim That Border Crisis Isn't Criminal (VIDEO)

Donalds Debunks House Democrat's Claim That Border Crisis Isn't Criminal (VIDEO)

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 7, 2023

During a heated debate in the House Oversight Committee on border security, Freshman Rep. Maxwell Frost (D) asserted that the influx of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants along the southern border was not criminal, rather a “humanitarian” issue.

“There is a crisis at the border. The crisis is not a criminal one, it’s a humanitarian one,” said Rep. Frost.

With the increase in illicit drugs and illegal immigration coming across the border, Republicans like Rep. Byron Donalds quickly took issue with Rep. Frost’s explanation that the ongoing crisis was not criminal in any way.

In addressing the two CBP officials testifying before the committee, Rep. Donalds asked if rape and was occurring during the migrant’s “journey” to the southern border.

“It”s been said in this hearing that this is not a criminal process, or a criminal issue.  This is a humanitarian issue,” said Rep. Donalds before asking,” Are there young girls who are being raped in the journey to the southern boder?”

The CBP officer confirmed that during debriefings of illegal immigrants, “young girls” have reported that  have been abused.

One of the things that we found were empty capsulst of Plan B. Empthy capsules of birth control.

“So we have young girls that are being raped in the journey to our southern border, to be trafficked into the United States,” stated Donalds.

The Floridian caught up to Donalds shortly after the hearing where he challenged Rep. Frost to travel to the border and see for himself the crimes that are being committed, stating that it was illegal  and “against federal law,” for illegal immigrants to cross between legal points of entry.

“I would challenge my colleague from Florida to actually go down to the border and talk to the border. He can take a bunch of freshman Democrats and can go down ther and spend the time  that I spent. Ive been ther four times,” added Donalds.

According to the CBP, crimes committed by noncitizens has skyrocketed since the 2020 presidential election.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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