Miami Herald Endorses Crist for Governor

Miami Herald Endorses Crist for Governor

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 25, 2022

After squaring off with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) in the sole debate ahead of the midterm election, the gubernatorial hopeful is celebrating. Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D) has been endorsed by the Miami Herald. Since the debate, the former Governor of Florida has continued to press DeSantis, warning that he will further implement an "anti-freedom agenda" if he's reelected.

This week, the Miami Herald released a list of endorsements, sharing that the "recommendations are written by the Editorial Board, a group of opinion journalists whose views do not represent that of the news side of the Miami Herald."

Among those who were endorsed are Aramis Ayala (D) for Attorney General, Adam Hattersley (D) for Florida's Chief Financial Officer, and Crist for Governor.

In the Editorial Board's endorsement, the Board wrote that "More than anything, Crist is what we need to return Florida to normalcy and common decency. He would stop the culture wars over made-up issues that have no bearing on Floridians' everyday lives and get on with the business of governing."

During the debate, Crist maintained that DeSantis is a threat to Florida, positioning himself as a candidate that would restore decency to the state. However, DeSantis pushed back, calling him a "chameleon" that would say anything to fit his political standing at the time.

Speculations have run amok regarding if DeSantis is planning to launch a presidential run. Though DeSantis has downplayed the rumor in the past, his performance in the debate sparked curiosity after Crist questioned if DeSantis was preparing to launch a presidential bid. Governor DeSantis did not respond although it was made clear that both campaigns had agreed to not ask each other direct questions.

On social media Crist argued that the debate had made one thing clear. "If re-elected, he’ll use his time as governor to fight for his extremist anti-freedom agenda, not yours," said Crist, questioning, "who’s ready to defeat DeSantis and build a future that works for ALL of us?!

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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