Taddeo Says DeSantis Puts Politics Over American Dream

Taddeo Says DeSantis Puts Politics Over American Dream

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 7, 2022

State Senator Annette Taddeo (D) held a press conference this week, slamming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). The congressional hopeful was joined by Janelle Perez (D) to "condemn the Governor's call to bus Cubans to Delaware." Both Perez and Taddeo directed verbal jabs at DeSantis and Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez (R), arguing that they are putting politics over the American Dream.

Last month, Lt. Governor Nuñez caused a stir during an interview with a Spanish language radio show called "Actualidad Radio." During the interview, Nuñez said that she supported sending undocumented immigrants further north. The effort of GOP governors sending undocumented immigrants to blue states has increased tension between Republicans and Democrats, inciting responses from several Democratic governors.

In response to the comments, Taddeo and Perez addressed DeSantis and Nuñez, joining FLIC Votes in slamming the DeSantis administration over the comments.

Taking to social media to comment on the press conference, Taddeo further added that "Republicans like DeSantis, Jeanette Nuñez, and María Salazar talk a big game, but turn their backs on those fleeing communism and socialism."

"They’re willing to weaponize the pain of those fleeing Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua for political gain," Taddeo added.

Perez also took to social media to comment on the press conference, explaining that she, Taddeo, FLIC Vote  and "former unaccompanied minors... condemn the Governor’s call to bus Cubans to Delaware."

Perez added that her "dream is to see a free Cuba where no family risks their lives for libertad, but until then, stop using the trauma of Cuban exiles as political pawns."

Taddeo is currently vying to unseat Florida Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R) after dropping out of the gubernatorial race and endorsing Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D). In contrast to Salazar, Taddeo argues that she will be a more effective congresswoman, adding that her campaign has the qualifications to turn Florida's 27th congressional district blue.

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Daniel Molina

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