Rubio Team Slams Demings and Inflation Reduction Act

Rubio Team Slams Demings and Inflation Reduction Act

“Grocery prices had their highest spike in 43 years.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 14, 2022

President Joe Biden (D) celebrated the Inflation Reduction Act this week, but a gaffe in the timing of reporting has gained the president criticism from lawmakers and political pundits alike.

While the president praised the legislation, news sites also reported that the stock market dropped by 1200 points as inflation rises to 8.3%. In response to the Inflation Reduction Act, Florida Senator Marco Rubio's (R) team slammed the president while criticizing Florida Rep. Val Demings (D) for supporting the bill.

During CNN’s reporting of the president’s speech, a CNN news anchor is heard commenting that, while the president praises the legislation, “there is this unfortunate split screen right now with the Dow taking a total beating.” The anchor goes on to say that “it feels like it’s hard to be celebratory for some people.”

In a press release from the Rubio campaign, Rubio's team argues that Floridians are not celebrating the bill.

“Grocery prices had their highest spike in 43 years. Gas is 25% more expensive than it was a year ago. And real wages have fallen every month since Biden’s $1.9 trillion ‘stimulus’ passed,” informs the press release.

In a statement, Elizabeth Gregory, the communications director for the Rubio campaign further criticizes the president while also linking Rep. Demings to the bill.

“Val Demings went to Washington, started putting politics over Floridians, and never looked back,” Gregory said, adding that “Demings’ refusal to work to lower the cost of living for Florida families proves she can’t be trusted to stick up for them in the Senate.”

The criticism comes at a time when Demings’ campaign has celebrated that her campaign is picking up steam in the Senate race. However, the Rubio campaign has combatted the Democratic rival, criticizing that “Demings denied that inflation was the most important issue facing Floridians – twice – going so far as to say she only bothered to talk about it because it’s ‘what my opponent says are important.’”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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