Demings VICTIM Act Passes in the House

Demings VICTIM Act Passes in the House

The former Orlando Chief of Police looks to bring more funding to investigation units.

Jackson Bakich
Jackson Bakich
September 26, 2022

While law enforcement does their best to solve crimes all throughout the nation, there are still plenty of cold cases that are never solved, and justice is never brought to those who deserve it. However, former Orlando Chief of Police and current legislator, Rep. Val Demings’ (D-FL) bill, the Violent Incident Clearance and Technological Investigative Methods (VICTIM) Act looks to solve that very problem and has moved one step closer to becoming law after it was passed in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

The bill, which garners support from both sides of the aisle, looks to “establish a Department of Justice grant program to hire, train, and retain detectives to investigate violent crimes,” according to the Demings press release. “The legislation also hires victim services personnel to support victims, including the families of those who have lost their lives to violent crime.”

Demings, who served in law enforcement for 27 years and as the Chief of Orlando Police from 2007-2011, stated that “Real life is different from television. Half of gun murders in the United States go unsolved, and victims are often left with no justice and little support. I vividly recall being on the scenes of young people, dead as a result of violence, knowing that their families would soon receive devastating news…Passage of the VICTIM Act is a huge win for the safety of American communities and will help us put away violent criminals and keep families safe.”

Also, Demings mentioned the fact that the bill passed in the House with support from Republicans as well.

“I am proud that Democrats and Republicans in the House came together to pass my legislation which will fund police departments to hire and train detectives and specialists specifically committed to investigate unsolved crimes, provide support services to victims' families, bring the guilty to justice, and keep families safe,” said Demings.

The companion bill in the Senate was introduced by Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

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Jackson Bakich

Jackson Bakich

Born in Orlando but raised in Lake County, Florida, Jackson Bakich is currently a senior at Florida State University. Growing up in the sunshine state, Bakich co-hosted the political talk radio show "Lake County Roundtable" (WLBE) and was a frequent guest for "Lake County Sports Show" (WQBQ). Currently, he is the Sports Editor of the FSView and the co-host of "Tomahawk Talk" (WVFS), a sports talk radio program covering Florida State athletics in Tallahassee.

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