Rubio Camp: Floridians Have Less 'Hard-Earned Money'

Rubio Camp: Floridians Have Less 'Hard-Earned Money'

“Everything about the Fourth of July costs more this year: gas, flights, food, you name it.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 3, 2022

As the United States prepares to celebrate July 4th, the Rubio campaign is questioning what will be on the menu. Over the weekend, Florida Rep. Val Demings (D), who’s challenging Senator Marco Rubio (R) for his seat, announced funding for 15 of her community project requests for the 2023 fiscal year. Likewise, the Rubio campaign announced that 4th of July meals are going to cost a little bit more this year. Blaming Demings and President Joe Biden (D) for the inflation, the Rubio campaign argued that Demings has greatly contributed to Floridians having “less of their hard-earned money.”

Ahead of celebrating 4th of July, the Rubio campaign highlighted some celebration menu items that have gone up in price due to inflation.

  • Ground beef: up 36% to $11.12
  • Chicken: up 33% to $8.99
  • Pork chops: up 31% to $15.26
  • Burger buns: up 16% to $1.93
  • Ice cream: up 10% to $5.16
  • Chocolate chip cookies: up 7% to $4.31

The campaign, blaming Demings and Biden for the rise in inflation, commenting that Demings’ involvement in the House has directly contributed to Floridians’ wallets being affected.

“Everything about the Fourth of July costs more this year: gas, flights, food, you name it,” said Elizabeth Gregory, the communications director for Marco Rubio. “Joe Biden and Val Demings sure know how to leave Floridians with less of their hard-earned money,” she added.

The Biden administration has taken a significant hit to its approval rating, which political pundits argue could affect Democrats in the upcoming midterm election.

However, the recent ruling from the Supreme Court is expected to affect Republicans in November. Moreover, on the campaign trail, Demings has spoken on the subject, addressing that abortion rights will be an important issue for their race.

The Senate race between Rep. Demings and Senator Rubio will be one of the most closely watched and most expensive races in the upcoming election.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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