DeSantis Says 'Democrats are Scared' Heading Into 2022 Midterm Election

DeSantis Says 'Democrats are Scared' Heading Into 2022 Midterm Election

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 14, 2022

Former Mayor of New York City and 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg (D) is entering Florida politics. He’s not running for office in the state, but reports indicate that the political figure has donated $1 million to the Florida Democrat Party. With important races on the line in the upcoming midterm election, both sides of the aisle are doing as much as they can to expand their legislative ground. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has criticized the effort, saying that it shows that "Democrats are scared."

In late June, Bloomberg was sworn in as the Defense Innovation Board Chair.

Democrats are rallying support as the upcoming midterm election is hosting a number of high-profile races, and one of them includes the race for Florida Governor.

In response to Bloomberg’s contribution to the Democrat Party, DeSantis argues that it’s an effort to bolster the party’s efforts against  him, but he calls it a “desperate” move.

"National Democrats continue to line the pockets of the Florida Democrat Party in the hopes of defeating me in November so they can roll back our freedom agenda accomplishments," DeSantis said, announcing that reports indicated Bloomberg had made the contribution.

"Florida Democrats are so desperate that they have resorted to accepting money from Leftist billionaires like Mike Bloomberg," DeSantis commented, adding that "the Democrats and liberal elites know Florida is the firewall for freedom and we are standing in their way. With Bloomberg’s money, the Democrats will attack your 2nd amendment rights, exacerbate inflation, and impose COVID mandates."

He argued that during his tenure "Florida has proven the American model of freedom designed by the Founders is superior," and he expressed that "this is the very model the Democrats are working to destroy."

In turn, he dismissed the contribution as an example that "the Democrats are scared," affirming that in November voters "will make it clear Florida is the beachhead of freedom."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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