Senator Book Calls 2022 Session 'Worst in history'

Senator Book Calls 2022 Session 'Worst in history'

Senator Lauren Book has high hopes for 2022 election

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
March 16, 2022

The Florida House and Senate officially have wrapped up this year's legislative session, and now State Senator Lauren Book (D-32) is reflecting on this year's session and is already planning for the upcoming election cycle.

Senator Book characterized the 2022 session as, "one of the worst in history when it came to attacks on our rights and freedoms."  This was due to the passing of the Stop Woke Act, which Book believes is, "another way Republicans are trying to erase history, banning discussions that might make people uncomfortable when addressing issues of race, ethnicity, and gender."

Book also credited the Parental Rights in Education bill and the abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy as one of the pieces of, "truly horrific legislation," that made this year's session one of the worst in history.

However, the Senate Minority Leader further promised that next legislative session in 2023 will be better, depending on how well Democrats do in 2022. But for the South Florida Senator, the Florida Democrats have already shown what they're capable of doing if they take back the House or Senate this year.

"We managed to stop a vicious attack against unions, fighting against this Republican attempt to undermine worker’s rights and freedoms."  Stated Book, the Senator also added, "the budget now includes increased funding for healthcare, education, and other top priorities that will impact everyday people across the state for years to come."

Senator Book further promised, "I’m looking forward to fighting with you and for you as we work to defend Democratic values in the state of Florida."

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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