Allen West Grills Abbott's Operation Lone Star

Allen West Grills Abbott's Operation Lone Star

LTC. West gears up to primary Gov. Abbott

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
January 4, 2022

In the state of Texas, LTC. Allen West (R-TX) is seeking the Republican nomination for governor, and today he spoke on the crisis facing the Texas National Guard and Military Department. West grilled the ongoing Operation Lone Star in Texas.

West kicked off his latest speech by describing Operation Lone Star as, "one of the things we have to discuss going into this new year."  As part of Operation Lone Star, Texas National Guard forces are attempting to combat the ongoing Border Crisis at the direction of Incumbent Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) early last year.

“The crisis at our southern border continues to escalate because of Biden Administration policies that refuse to secure the border and invite illegal immigration,” said Governor Abbott. “Texas supports legal immigration but will not be an accomplice to the open border policies that cause, rather than prevent, a humanitarian crisis in our state and endanger the lives of Texans. We will surge the resources and law enforcement personnel needed to confront this crisis.”

However, not every Republican has been too thrilled with the results of the plan, including LTC. West.

"It seems that the commander's intent is just based upon someone coming out and giving a political press conference, or maybe even putting out a Tweet,"  said West. "One of the things we have to get back to is the basics of military operations."

West then listed off some of the crucial mistakes Operation Lone Star has made, "You have officer resignations increasing in our Texas military forces, you have soldiers that are getting out of our Texas National Guard.  One of the most horrific things that were reported in the Army Times, and sadly we don't have media here in the state of Texas that's reporting this, but since November, we have had four confirmed suicides, one suicide attempt, and another suicide under investigation."

Operation Lone Star has put wind in the sails of West's campaign that seeks to oust incumbent Governor Abbott.  However, Republicans nationally have taken a liking to Abbott amid his responsiveness to the Border Crisis, and apparent political ally in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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