Progressive Senate Hopefuls Look To Unseat Rubio With Democratic Socialism

Progressive Senate Hopefuls Look To Unseat Rubio With Democratic Socialism

Rubio welcomes the Socialism arguement

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
September 28, 2021

During the 2020 presidential election, the Democratic Party suffered unprecedented losses in Florida after subscribing to the Progressive and pro-Democratic Socialism agenda.

One would think that Progressive Democrats would have learned their lessons, but they continue pressing forward with their ideology, and while they may win some contested Democratic primary races, winning a general election against Conservative or Moderate Republicans appears to be nothing more than a pipe dream.

The candidates in Florida’s 2022 Democratic Senate primary race—Rep. Val Demings, Alan Grayson, and Allen Ellison—have all doubled down in support of the current Progressive agenda that the majority of Americans have rejected, and will most likely help facilitate a complete Republican takeover of Congress.

Former Rep. Grayson (D) has a long history of espousing Socialism talking points, including his 2013 praising of "stealth Socialism” in government.

Rep. Demings (D), who is arguably the current frontrunner against Sen. Rubio, has also embraced Democratic Socialism.

Rep. Demings has not openly praised Socialist ideas, but most of her votes speak to her apparent support for the political agenda.=

Demings recently stated her support for the “Green New Deal” when she cosponsored the THRIVE agenda measure.

“Today I’m proud to announce my support as an original cosponsor of the THRIVE Agenda. Let’s stop pretending that climate change, racial injustice, and economic inequality are outside of our control. The THRIVE Agenda puts people first by unequivocally stating that our health, climate, and human rights are intertwined.

What is the THRIVE Agenda?

The THRIVE Agenda is part of the Green New Deal Network, per their website.

Deming's voting record has served as the basis of Sen. Rubio’s attacks against her.

“How can you vote with ‘the Squad’ 94% of the time and argue that you’re not an honorary member of that group? How can you vote with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time and argue that you’re not a far-left, liberal extremist?” Rubio said to Fox News in an exclusive interview Monday, dismissing any description of the Florida Democrat as a moderate.

But even as Demings and Grayson are the two bigger names in the race, the aforementioned Allen Ellison appears to be the most Progressive of the three.

Anyone that openly states,” I'm running as the Progressive Democrat to Retire Rubio” is probably going to win the Progressive support of the Democratic Party, and that could be a problem for Grayson and Demings.

allen ellison

Progressives appear to hold the Democratic Party hostage and is the driving force that now controls the base of the party.

But money talks, and it appears as if Demings is the only one of the Democratic candidates that is raising any serious campaign dollars

According to the latest FEC filings, Ellison has raised $133,000, but only has about $7,000 cash on hand. That is a massive burn rate.

Grayson isn’t showing any money raised, while Demings has raised $5,000,000 and has just over $3,000,000 sitting in the bank.

Rubio has raised $5,600,000 and has a total of $6,300,000 available to spend.

But money aside, Rubio has the advantage of all the Democrats.

Will Floridians reject Socialism again in 2022, or will they somehow find it in them to embrace the very same policies they rejected at the ballot box less than a year ago?


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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres is a nationally renowned award-winning political journalist and Publisher of,,, and He enjoys traveling, playing soccer, mixed martial arts, weight-lifting, swimming, and biking. Javier is also a political consultant and has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Follow on Twitter: @JavManjarres Email him at

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