Gwen Graham Tries to Deflate FSU Football on Opening Night

Gwen Graham Tries to Deflate FSU Football on Opening Night

Emotional Deflate-gate

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
September 6, 2021

Florida State University Alumni and nearly 80,000 of the school's fans were all too happy to attend the football home opener against Notre Dame. But while most FSU fans were happy about the game, former Progressive gubernatorial candidate, Democrat Gwen Graham, called the event a potential "super-spreader" event and found it unconscionable that "so many are willing to risk their health" and the health of others, just to attend a football game.

"I’m thinking about the healthcare heroes in all these college towns and praying that being outside keeps these games from being #Covid super-spreader events. Scary that so many are willing to risk their health and the possibility of infecting others," stated Graham.

Graham is considered a "moderate" Democrat by some in Florida "who will remain unnamed," but in looking at her past positions—gun grabs, tax hikes, pro-Abortion— when she ran for governor in 2018, Graham could be seen as the poster child of the Progressive movement.

Graham said that she was going to emulate all of her father's, former Gov. Bob Graham, entire agenda. An agenda that supports late-term abortion.

NARAL, which is arguable the most extremist of all the pro-Choice, pro-Abortion organizations in the country, gave Graham a full-throated endorsement in 2018.

Nicole Brener-Schmitz, NARAL’s National Political Director, explained at the event in support of Graham’s bid that the endorsement comes because “Gwen has been a tireless and a passionate advocate for women’s rights to choose from the start.” Brener-Schmitz also attacked Republicans by accusing them of “making attacking our rights their priority over helping hardworking women get ahead.”


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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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