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NARAL Endorses Gwen Graham

NARAL Endorses Gwen Graham


As Justice Anthony Kennedy steps down from the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh is nominted to replace him. In turn, many Democrats are clamoring that women’s reproductive rights are at stake. NARAL, a large pro-choice political action committee, has just endorsed former Congresswoman Gwen Graham to become Florida’s next Governor.

Graham voiced her displeasure at Kavanaugh’s nomination, soon after the announcement, tweeting that President Trump had “nominated another Supreme Court justice who does not believe women have the right to make our own health care decisions.”

She followed that by elaborating on her thoughts at the event and asking “So where does the fight turn to after that? It turns to the states. And I as governor, the first woman governor of Florida, will make sure that we do not return to the days of backroom abortions.”

Nicole Brener-Schmitz, NARAL’s National Political Director, explained at the event in support of Graham’s bid that the endorsement comes because “Gwen has been a tireless and a passionate advocate for women’s rights to choose from the start.” Brener-Schmitz also attacked Republicans by accusing them of “making attacking our rights their priority over helping hardworking women get ahead.”

In response to the endorsement, Graham said that “A woman’s right to have control over her own reproductive decisions is on the line.”

She reassured that she’ll block any efforts that look to reduce a woman’s right to choose and that “Any bill that limits the right to choose that comes across my desk, I will veto it immediately.”

Daniel Molina

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