Gimenez Says Biden's 'Intent to Deceive the American People was Deliberate'

Gimenez Says Biden's 'Intent to Deceive the American People was Deliberate'

Biden accused of lying

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 15, 2021

After the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, there was an immediate response to retrieve soldiers, aides, and others whose lives were at risk. In recent weeks, there have been terrifying accounts of people recounting their stories of how they escaped the country. In response, GOP members have vehemently criticized the Biden Administration over its withdrawal from the country, and now a Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R) is accusing the Biden Administration of having lied, saying that it’s “intent to deceive the American people was deliberate.”

On Twitter, Florida Rep. Gimenez  commented that “Biden and his national security team lied about al-Qaeda,” adding that the President’s “intent to deceive the American people was deliberate.” In turn, the former Mayor of Miami Dade said that the United States is “less safe because of it.”

A number of GOP lawmakers have denounced the Biden Administration's measures in withdrawing troops. Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) called it a disgrace while Florida Rep. Michael Waltz (R) introduced a resolution "condemning Biden" over the response.

Over the weekend, Michael Morell, the former Obama CIA Director, commented on the recent turmoil in the Middle East. However, he criticized President Biden during an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday. In speaking to Margaret Brennan, Morell shared that he believes “that the Taliban winning the war in Afghanistan, and then the way our exit happened, has absolutely inspired jihadists all over the world."

Morell added that "the Taliban is saying, we just didn't defeat the United States, we defeated NATO. We defeated the world's greatest military power, ever. So there's a celebration going on."

As GOP members continue to criticize the Biden Administration over the political turmoil in Afghanistan, the President has warned that al Qaeda could "come back" now that the United States has fully withdrawn from Afghanistan.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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