Yellowstone National Park is a Gay, Transgender Mecca?

Yellowstone National Park is a Gay, Transgender Mecca?

August 3, 2021

Special interests groups like the Equality PAC, who like to believe they are the sole political action voice for all that is gay, has just put out one  most ridiculous and over-the-top fundraising emails in recent history. The Equality PAC is asserting that Yellowstone National Park has been run “into the ground” by the Trump administration and gutted other national parks.

In addition, and probably the most ridiculous claim by the group is that “Trump’s attacks” against Yellowstone and other National Parks are a “direct threat to LGBT + safe spaces.”

Yes, you read that right. What they allege is happening at Yellowstone is a direct threat to their lifestyle.

“And SO many of those National Parks and monuments have been havens for gay and trans people and families.

“Havens for gay and trans people?”

Right now, Yellowstone is at full capacity and the herds of bison are roaming the Lamar Valley and all over the park, just as Grizzlies, Wolves, Elk, and other wildlife that call America’s first national park home are doing

Just two months ago, we (the family) saw the devastating  results of what the Big Bad Wolf Donald Trump did to Yellowstone. (Sarcasm)

I am not sure what they mean when they call Yellowstone a ‘gay haven’ because when we went, there were no LGBTQ signs or Pride flags waving in the wind, nor did we see any Pride flag stickers affixed to any vehicle.

Actually, we did see a few bears, real bears that is, not their hairy human counterparts that hang out at some dive bar all butched up and wearing nothing but hot shorts and some wife beater.

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