Trump: Biden 'Way Behind Schedule' On Vaccines

Trump vs. Biden

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 19, 2021

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump (R) voiced frustration over not being given credit for the vaccine rollout efforts. Calling it “the modern-day miracle of the vaccines.” The former President argued that Operation Warp Speed made it possible to provide vaccines for people as quickly as possible. In a newly-released statement, the President once again comments on vaccine production, slamming President Joe Biden (D) for being “way behind schedule.”

Over the weekend, President Trump released a statement discussing the job that President Biden has done in office regarding vaccine distribution. In the statement, the 45th President of the United States shared that “Joe Biden kept talking about how good of a job he’s doing on the distribution of the Vaccine that was developed by Operation Warp Speed or, quite simply, the Trump Administration.”

However, President Trump argues that President Biden has disappointed Americans with his vaccine distribution effort. “He’s not doing well at all,” Trump said, adding that President Biden is “way behind schedule, and people are refusing to take the Vaccine because they don’t trust his Administration, they don’t trust the Election results, and they certainly don’t trust the Fake News, which is refusing to tell the Truth.”

In early May, President Trump criticized the Biden Administration for having “zero to do” with developing the vaccine.”

“Without the vaccines, this world would have been in for another 1917 Spanish Flu, where up to 100 million people died,” Trump said, adding that “because of the vaccines we pushed and developed in record time, nothing like that will be even close to happen.”

Most recently, President Biden aimed criticism at Facebook, commenting that the social media platform is “killing people” over the spread of misinformation. Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general, also aimed criticism at social media companies on Sunday, commenting that “these platforms have to recognize they’ve played a major role in the increase in speed and scale with which misinformation is spreading.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina is an award-winning senior reporter based in Miami. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Florida International University. His hobbies include reading, writing, and watching films.

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