NRSC Mocks Senate Democrats and Their

NRSC Mocks Senate Democrats and Their "Resident Crazy Person" Candidate in Florida

Democrats face a touch senate race if they put up another Progressive Democrat

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
April 16, 2021

With Senator Marco Rubio (R) already having announced his 2022 reelection campaign to the U.S. Senate, all of the talk around Florida and in Washington, D.C. has been about which potential Democratic Senatorial candidate could emerge to give Sen. Rubio a legitimate challenge, which has lead the NRSC to mock Democrat by referring to him as a "resident crazy person."

First of all, the talk by Republican activists that Rubio would face a tough primary challenge has been shot down. Not only did former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and former First Daughter Ivanka Trump announced that they would not be challenging Rubio in a Republican primary race, but former President Donald Trump himself came out and gave Rubio a full-throated endorsement.

“It is my honor to give U.S. Senator Marco Rubio my Complete and Total Endorsement.  Marco has been a tireless advocate for the people of Florida, fighting to cut taxes, supporting our Second Amendment, our Military and our Vets, a strong national defense, and all of the forgotten men and women of America...”- President Donald Trump  

Now, who will the Democrats put up to challenge Rubio in 2022?

The names that have come up as possible challengers are  U.S. Reps. Ted Deutch, Val Demings, and Stephanie Murphy. Rep. Murphy is the only one of the three that has actually said that she is “seriously considering” a statewide run.

Now the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which is chaired by Florida Senator Rick Scott, has just reminded all of us that former Congressman and “resident crazy person” Alan Grayson has already filed paperwork with the FEC to explore another run for the Senate.

The NRSC is mocking their Senate Democrats counterparts by highlighting that “resident crazy person Alan Grayson” was only able to raise a measly $6,000 in the first full fundraising cycle of the 2020 primary election cycle.

What’s worse is that Grayson is still $2 million in the hole from his past failed campaigns.

Much like his home did about a month ago, Grayson’s senatorial run appears to be going down in flames.

“Alan Grayson is kicking off his Senate campaign with what he knows best – failure. So far, it’s clear that a failed House and Senate candidate is the best Florida Democrats can do. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about the Florida Democratic Party,” said Priscilla Ivasco, NRSC Spokeswoman. “Florida voters have rejected Alan Grayson at the ballot box and are now rejecting him in the money race. When will he finally take the hint? Floridians don’t want resident crazy person and radical Democrat Alan Grayson representing them.”

In 2016, former Rep. Grayson was crushed in the Democratic senatorial primary by then-Rep. Patrick Murphy, who later lost to Rubio in the general election.

Grayson, the consummate congressional candidate then decided to run for his old seat against Rep. Darren Soto in the Democratic primary race in Florida’s 9th congressional district, but once again, was crushed by Rep. Soto who garnered 66% of the Democratic vote.


Democrats are going to have to do better.

During the 2020 presidential election, Florida Democrats suffered devastating statewide losses to Republicans by running on a Democratic Socialist agenda. If the loud and controversial Grayson were to win his primary election, Rubio may see a 10+ point victory over Grayson on election night.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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