Rodrigues' Pro-2nd Amendment SB 1884 Passes Florida Senate Committee

Rodrigues' Pro-2nd Amendment SB 1884 Passes Florida Senate Committee

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
March 16, 2021

Gun owners in Florida just got another boost of support after the Community Affairs Committee in the Florida Senate voted in favor of passing State Senator Ray Rodrigues’ “Preemption of Firearms and Ammunition Regulation” (SB 1884).

According to Sen. Rodrigues’ bill, individuals would be able to sue counties and local municipalities for damages if those governments infringe upon their 2nd Amendment rights by imposing firearm and ammunition regulations.

“An act relating to the preemption of firearms and ammunition regulation; amending s. 790.33, F.S.;  providing that written or unwritten policies are  subject to provisions allowing for recovery of damages if such policies violate specified provisions; providing that a plaintiff challenging a local government regulation concerning firearms is considered a prevailing plaintiff for certain purposes in specified circumstances; providing an effective date.”

“I stand in support of this good bill,” said Senator Dennis Baxley (R). “It's pretty exciting to see some bills for Liberty and protect the people's individual freedom. And I don't know anything that's more local than that than your own home, your own life, your own constitutional rights that are being run over.”

Democrat Senator Tina Polsky argued that the bill would increase litigation, not decrease it as Republicans contend.

Rodrigues closed the arguments, saying that he “respectfully” disagreed with Senator Polski that the measure would increase litigation.

"I would respectfully disagree with Senator Polski,” said Rodrigues. “I do think this will decrease litigation because if local governments know that if they violate the rights of the individual there will be a cost associated with that the cost being the actual damages and internal fees.”

The bill passed along political party lines, with Democrat Senators Janet Cruz and Bobby Powell, joining Polski in opposition.

Republican Sen. James Brodeur, Jennifer Bradley, Ed Hooper, and Travis Hutson, joined Sens. Rodrigues and Baxley in voting in support of the legislation.

This bill is expected to reach Gov. Ron DeSantis's desk.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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