Fried refused to acknowledge DeSantis' successful COVID vaccine roll out

Fried refused to acknowledge DeSantis' successful COVID vaccine roll out

Over 1.2 million vaccines have been delivered to Florida

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
January 11, 2021

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) cannot bring herself acknowledge and give any credit to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) over his response of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine across the state, even though he is the person that is responsible for the disbursement of the much-needed vaccine.

Over the past weekend, State Senator Shevrin Jones (D) and Florida's Division of Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz (D), teamed up to facilitate a "vaccine push" in Broward County.

AG Fried thanked both Sen. Jones and Director Moskowitz "for working to get the Covid vaccine into Florida communities," but that was the extent of her praise for how the vaccine has been distributed.

Fried and state Democrats are playing politics and that is understandable considering how everything is political, and have accused Gov. DeSantis of implementing a failed vaccine rollout.

Fried has no other option but to attack DeSantis. After all, when you are the highest-ranking Democrat in the state, your job is to toe the party line.

If DeSantis is to blame, then Moskowitz is also to blame. DeSantis picked Moskowitz to run the agency and has entrusted him to ensure Floridians that the state government was ready to distribute the vaccines whenever they arrived,

Both DeSantis and Moskowitz have announced that Florida was already prepared to distribute 5 million vaccines, but to date, only 1.2 million vaccines have arrived in the state, with another 250,000 scheduled to arrive next week.

Considering that there are 21 million people residing in the state, of course, the appearance of a vaccine shortage will be present.

Because of the limited amount of vaccines, DeSantis has ordered that the most vulnerable — citizens 65 and older, First Responders, and medical professionals — be the first to receive the vaccine.

DeSantis said an average of about 40,000 shots are being administered every day.

"Demand for the vaccine is high, and we know that there is no time to waste when it comes to getting shots in arms," DeSantis stated."We have more than 4.5 million seniors in the state and prioritizing them for the vaccine is the most effective tool we have to battle the pandemic."

Democrats can question DeSantis refusal to lock down the state, arguing that it could have saved more lives, but to target, his vaccine distribution is a losing move considering that he and state officials can qualify the number of vaccinations with the limited amount of vaccines that drug companies have been able to send to Florida.

In other words, how can DeSantis speed up the vaccinations if there arent enough vaccines to go around?

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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