House Override's Trump's Defense Bill Veto

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
December 29, 2020

After President Donald Trump (R) vetoed a defense bill that was sent to his desk, the House voted on Monday to override the President’s action, signaling that this is a much-needed defense policy bill. In a 322-87 vote, the House overrode the President, and now the action moves to the Republican controlled Senate.

109 Republicans broke party lines to vote in favor of the override while 66 Republicans voted against the bill early this week. In response, Trump unloaded on House Republicans that voted in favor of overriding the veto, calling them “tired” and weak.” As well, the President commented that it was a “disgraceful act of cowardice.”

However, not every lawmaker is disappointed at the vote. Florida Democrats have responded by showing their approval of the House’s vote, which is the first time that President Trump’s veto has been overridden in his Presidency.

On Twitter, outgoing Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D) praised the vote, saying that “unlike Trump, I support our men and women in uniform.”

Echoing in her remarks, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D) also shared that “the House voted in a bipartisan way to override the President’s misguided veto of the annual defense bill.” She expressed that “this bill is essential to support our troops and their families, to keep the American people safe, & to project power around the globe.”

Murphy also expressed that she hopes “the Senate follows suit.”

The override comes at a time when Republicans have faced infighting over a number of issues including President Trump’s ongoing legal challenges of the 2020 Presidential election. Some Republicans have shown support while others have welcomed a Biden administration.

With the Senate scheduled to vote on the bill, the President has asked the Senate to negotiate a “better bill,” calling on them to not approve the annual defense policy bill until it is substantially “fixed.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina is an award-winning senior reporter based in Miami. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Florida International University. His hobbies include reading, writing, and watching films.

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