Gaetz Praises Pulling of Troops From Afghanistan
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Gaetz Praises Pulling of Troops From Afghanistan


With the announcement from the Trump administration that troops would be coming home from Afghanistan, but the move has sharply divided lawmakers. While detractors argue that this will leave people vulnerable, others like Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) argue that this is a point in the right direction, noting that it’s the start of the Trump administration putting a stop to “endless wars.”

Sharing a clip on Twitter of a speech given in Congress, the Florida lawmaker commented that “the biggest loser in Afghanistan is the nation that stays the longest,” adding that “this has been the longest war in America’s history” and that “our nation is weary of it.”

In the clip, the Congressman expresses that he has “a minority view on the war in Afghanistan,” explaining that “the corruption in Afghanistan is unsolvable, the war is unwinnable, and the strategy is indecipherable.”

Last month, the Florida Rep. reaffirmed his stance on ending “forever wars,” and he also praised President Trump for his handling of the military.

Gaetz backed a resolution that would limit President Trump’s military action against the Islamic State of Iran, which ultimately passed with a vote count of 224-194.

In explaining his vote, Gaetz detailed that “it dictates congress to do its job and vote for or against these forever wars.”

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