Gaetz Reaffirms Stance on Ending “Forever Wars”
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Gaetz Reaffirms Stance on Ending “Forever Wars”


After last night’s presidential debate, Republicans are in full swing, supporting President Trump (R) and asserting that he won the debate. Moreover, one issue that Republicans are now proudly touting online is the President’s handling of the military.

Taking to Twitter, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie (R) highlighted the “US Military casualties in the war in Afghanistan” of the Trump administration and the last two administrations. Questioning “why won’t the press report this?,” Massie concluded that there were 630 casualties during the Bush administration, 1758 casualties during the Obama administration and 63 casualties during the current Trump administration.

Noting that “one more US casualty in this war is one too many,” the Kentucky Republican thanked the President “for winding this war down,” ultimately making a call to “End #endlesswars.”

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) retweeted the message, and earlier this year the Florida lawmaker joined Massie in backing a resolution that would limit President Trump’s future military. Action against the Islamic State of Iran, which was ultimately passed in a vote count of 224-194.

In explaining his vote across party lines, Gaetz detailed that “this resolution lays out the case for self-defense, at times even preemptive self-defense, and it dictates congress to do its job and vote for or against these forever wars.”

“That’s been my position, consistently,” Gaetz concluded.

Daniel Molina

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