Trump Endorses Maria Elvira Salazar over 'Pragmatic Socialist' Shalala

Trump Endorses Maria Elvira Salazar over 'Pragmatic Socialist' Shalala

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 29, 2020

In a rematch after losing the 2018 midterm election’s congressional run, Republican Maria Elvira Salazar is making a final push before the November 3rd election, and the congressional hopeful is looking to turn Florida’s 27th congressional district red.

Taking to Twitter, Elvira Salazar criticized her opponent, Florida Rep. Donna Shalala (D), after a Miami Herald article informed that the Florida lawmaker failed to disclose stock sales, which is in violation of federal law. The freshman congresswoman failed to publicly disclose two stock sales, which is reported to be her second violation in five months.

Earlier this year, Rep. Shalala is accused of not reporting 556 stock sales.

In response, Elvira Salazar argued that “people are sick of politicians like Donna Shalala who think they are above the law,” adding that “congressmen are elected to go to Washington to represent the needs of their district not to line their own pockets.”

In turn, Elvira Salazar reminded that “Donna Shalala has now broken the law several times.”

As required by the STOCK Act, lawmakers are required to report stock sales and purchases within 45 days as well as being prohibited from using their private information from their positions for personal benefit.

In support of Elvira’s congressional candidate, President Trump (R) also chimed in on the controversy through Twitter, asserting that “Maria is badly needed in Washington” and expressing that Elvira Salazar “is an outstanding person who truly loves her Country and her State.”

The President then shifted his sights to Rep. Shalala, saying that she is “a political hack who is a puppet of Nancy Pelosi” and noting that Shalala “does nothing for Florida.”

The President made it very clear that “Maria has my Complete & Total Endorsement!” and this is an effort that Republicans hope will rally up support as they look to keep the Senate, maintain the Presidency and also gain the House in the upcoming general election.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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