Nuñez Highlights

Nuñez Highlights "33 Conservative Women on the Ballot"

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 7, 2020

As Vice President Mike Pence (R) and Senator Kamala Harris (D) prepare to face off in the Vice Presidential debate, Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez (R) released a message to supporters, stressing the need to reelection President Trump (R) while also highlighting the “33 conservative women on the ballot” and slamming former Vice President Joe Biden (D).

In the message, the Lt. Governor warned that a Biden administration would implement a socialist agenda, expressing that “as the daughter of Cuban immigrants, I have seen the negative impact of socialism first hand.”

Nuñez explained that “if today’s Democratic Party, led by Joe Biden, had their way, America would look more like the country my parents fled, and less like America, the country we both know and love.”

In the first presidential debate, President Trump argued that a socialist wing of the Democratic party had taken control of the party’s agenda by calling for radical reforms, but Vice President Biden disregarded the attack, assuring that “I am the Democratic party right now.”

This, however, is something that Republicans have called untrue, pointing to lawmakers across the country that are calling for abolishing the police and other policies they deem radical.

In turn, Nuñez noted that “the liberal talking heads in the Fake News media will tell you this election will come down to women tilting the scale toward Democrats,” adding that “the Left would have you believe that women don’t have conservative values” and that “they think to be pro-woman, you have to favor abortion and be against the Second Amendment.”

Asserting her support for the conservative women on the ballot, Nuñez commented that they “are hardcore conservative fighters” who “are pro-life, pro-gun, and are ready to fight socialism to the bitter end.”

Also, she praised the diversity in their backgrounds as well, detailing that “these conservative women started fighting for your rights and freedoms in the armed forces, as a detective, in the courtroom, or in the halls of a Veterans Affairs hospital.”

The message comes on the heels of a new poll indicating that President Trump is trailing Vice President Biden in the sunshine state and after Vice President Biden took a trip to South Florida to rally support for his campaign.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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