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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
June 16, 2020

*** Apologies for being so late with today’s JUICE. As most of you dads can relate, I was up all night with a feisty 2-year-old and even feistier (pain in the arse) pregnant wife. In total, I am running on 2 hours of sleep. Ha!


Florida’s COVID-19 case count continues to spike, but the deaths related to the bug are not. To prevent a cataclysmic economic event in the state, Florida had to reopen for business, and just about every politician new it.

But this is an election year, and the minority party (Democrats) in the state are using the outbreak to fit their political ambitions and agenda.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is the Coronavirus boogeyman for not closing down the state fast enough, and then for opening up the state too fast.

Can Democrats have it both ways? Nope.

To be fair to all parties, the reason for the spike in cases is the amount of downright stupid and irresponsible people that live in the state. Just about everywhere you go, the bulk of those out in public are not wearing masks. Just because restaurants malls are open, it doesn’t mean that the virus is dead and wearing a cover-up is not a necessity. 

But with all that said, Democrats (it’s their job to do) are all about pinning the blame for anything on DeSantis. DeSantis, who tends to sleep with his big boy pants on, is not bothered in the least and has pressed forward with his ambitious, yet cautious, reopening of the state.

Now with the RNC picking Jacksonville to host this year’s convention, Democrats are all up in arms about Republicans holding this event, and all bent out of shape because the president is jump-starting his trademark campaign rallies.

Meanwhile, an unmasked Rep. Val Demings (D) recently attended a rally in Orlando. She actually posted on her social media that she was at an actual “rally.”

Expect Florida Democrats to pull out all kinds of political hijinks in the coming months to try to demonize DeSantis, Jax Mayor Lenny Curry (R), and President Trump.


Val Demings

She loves to hate Trump and now the congresswoman from Orlando is saying that because the Trump campaign will be asking convention attendees to sign a medical waiver to attend the event, that is reason enough not to have the conventionREAD MORE 

Racial Unrest and Ignorance 

The NYPD set an unbelievably weak precedent this week. Projecting weakness, the police department announced that it would be cutting back its police force in order to make protestors happy. READ MORE about the really dumb move.



On the anniversary of the mass shooting in Orlando that left 59 dead, Democrats refuse to acknowledge that the “act of terror” committed was in fact an “act of terror.” The narrative state and national Democrats ( Lois Frankel, Carlos Guillermo Smith, Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Shalala, Stephanie Murphy, to name a few) have been pushing is that it was a gun violence event. Nothing more. This is disingenuous considering that the shooter was a radical Islamist, and event President Barack Obama himself called it an “act of terror.” What gives? READ MORE


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 “Daniella Levine Cava asked to resign from Miami-Dade County Commission” by The Floridian’s Javier Manjarres – Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava is being asked to “immediately” resign her position to avoid a costly special election that would take place after November’s presidential general election. Commissioner Levine Cava submitted her “irrevocable resignation” from the county’s 8th district last month, but it won’t go into effect until November 16th, two weeks after the general election. “With our county facing many challenges and the office for Miami-Dade County Mayor on the ballot this year, I intend to submit qualifying paperwork for the office during the qualifying period that begins on Tuesday, May 26,” Levine Cava wrote to Miami-Dade Elections Supervisor Christina White. “This correspondence shall serve as my irrevocable resignation as Miami-Dade Commissioner for District 8 effective November 16, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Levine Cava’s decision to continue campaigning for Mayor of Miami-Dade County and simultaneously keep your current post has not gone unnoticed. The government watchdog group, Keep Government Accountable Coalition, has sent a letter to Levine Cava’s legislative office demanding that she immediately resign her position in order for an election to replace her current position takes place during the August primary election.

NYPD Disbands Plainclothes Anti-Crime Units In Move Toward More Community Policing by The Floridian’s Mona Salama – The New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Dermot Shea announced on Monday that the NYPD will disband its anti-crime units and will be reassign those officers into a “variety of assignments including detective bureaus, neighborhood policing, and other assignments” effective immediately. Shea called the disband of anti-crime policing is in “the realm of closing one of the last chapters of stop-question-and-frisk.” “We welcome reform, but we also believe that meaningful reform starts from within,” Shea said during a news conference Monday afternoon. “Make no mistake, this is a seismic shift in the culture of how the NYPD polices this great city.” The anti-crime unit consist of an elite force of plainclothes undercover officers that patrols the city’s most violent areas in their respective command. They are tasked with the mission of being pro active by spotting criminals during criminal activity in order to arrest them, as well as focusing on getting illegal guns off the streets. “This is 21st-century policing: intelligence, data, ShotSpotter, video, DNA, and building prosecutable cases,” Shea said of his decision to disband the units. “It continues to be building these cases—cases on a small number of people that unfortunately still terrorize a part of this city.”

“Sheriff Tony Says he “Fired the Bad Cops” at BSO” by The Floridian’s Daniel Molina – Amidst ongoing protests regarding police brutality, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony (D) has released an advertisement titled “Accountable: I Fired the Bad Cops,” which is part of an initial six-figure ad buy that will air on local TV stations. In the television ad, Sheriff Tony’s life is recounted, detailing how he’s conquered adversity and how his leadership in standing up for equal justice and against police brutality has been significant when past leadership has refused to do the same. Specifically, Tony explains that he fired two deputies for using excessive force. Last year, an officer in Tamarac was terminated after he slammed a 15-year-old’s face into the pavement. In addition, there was another officer who was caught on surveillance video delivering body and head blows to a 19-year-old who was waiting to be booked in a Fort Lauderdale jail. “I’ve come a long way from the streets of a neighborhood called ‘the Badlands,’” says Tony, adding that he’s “come this far, but I know we have further to go.” Commenting on the work that Sheriff Tony has done as Broward Sheriff, Jerrick Grant, Tony’s campaign manager, explained that “Sheriff Tony beat the odds to come from a poor, dangerous neighborhood to lead and reform one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country.”

“Trump To Sign ‘Pretty Comprehensive’ Police Reform Executive Order Tuesday” by The Floridian’s Mona Salama – President Trump announced that he will sign a “pretty comprehensive” executive order addressing police reform on Tuesday amid growing calls from protestors across the nation for action to reform the police in the wake of George Floyd’s death. “The overall goal is we want law and order and we want it done fairly, justly. We want it done safely,” Trump told reporters Monday during a roundtable on ‘Fighting for America’s Seniors.’ “We’re going to be talking about things that we’ve been watching and seeing for the last month, and we’re going to have some solutions. I think some good solutions. And some of it, as you know, is about great people. We need great people in our police departments, and we have mostly great people in our police departments.” The president also announced that a press conference will be held either at the “Rose Garden or maybe in the White House in a different location” prior to signing the executive order. “We’ll have a news conference at some point in the day at the Rose Garden or maybe in front of the White House at a different location that you know very well, the steps, and we’ll see you tomorrow,” Trump said. On details of the executive order, Trump stated it consists of input of suggestions from “different groups, particularly the sheriffs,” though “certainly we can add on to what we do” with legislative efforts underway in both the House and Senate.

“Demings Says Trump Requiring Medical Waivers Is ‘A Pretty Good Clue’ Not To Hold Upcoming Rally” by The Floridian’s Mona Salama – Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) said the requirements from the Trump campaign to require attendees to sign a medical waiver for the upcoming Tulsa rally on Saturday is a “pretty good clue” that President Trump shouldn’t be holding a large-scale rally. “The president, on the other hand, obviously is desperate and worried about the upcoming election in November, and for the individuals that he is inviting to come to a rally. I’ve dealt with evidence and clues for a long time in my career,” Demings said Monday during an interview on ABC’s ‘The View.’ “When you have to sign a medical waiver saying that you won’t hold the president responsible if you contract COVID-19, it’s a pretty good clue that the president should not be holding a rally. This is yet another opportunity for the president of the United States to put people first, and yet again, he just can’t seem to find it within himself to do that.” Demings who is considered one of the six vice presidential contenders for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden praised the former vice president for not conducting any campaign events in the midst of the pandemic. “I commend Vice President Biden for being the adult in the room. We are in the middle of a public health crisis. I am thankful that Vice President Biden is listening to the CDC, our medical experts, and our scientists and continuing to practice social distancing,” Demings said. “Look he’s getting his message out. He has held some very important virtual rallies that address the nation about many things, including racism and social injustices. He’s talked about COVID-19 and what he believes needs to happen.”

Supreme Court Rules to Protect LGBTQ Workers” by The Floridian’s Daniel Molina – The Supreme Court has just voted on a decision citing that if someone is fired from the workplace for being gay or transgender (LGBTQ), it is a direct violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which protects people from employer sex discrimination along with protecting people from discrimination based on color, race, national origin or religion. Judge Neil Gorsuch, a Trump appointee and who wrote the court’s opinion on the matter, argued that “ours is a society of written laws,” adding that “judges are not free to overlook plain statutory commands on the strength of nothing more than suppositions about intentions or guesswork about expectations.” The court added that “in Title VII, Congress adopted broad language making it illegal for an employer to rely on an employee’s sex when deciding to fire an employee.” The court concluded that they “do not hesitate to recognize today a necessary consequence of that legislative choice: An employer who fires an individual merely for being gay or transgender defies that law.” In coming to the 6-3 conclusive vote, the Court justified the decision by focusing on the language of Title VII, which states that no individual will be discriminated against “because of” sex, arguing that if sex is the factor of the discrimination then it is a direct violation of Title VII.

“Democrats continue to deny Pulse nightclub shooting was terror-related” by The Floridian’s Daniel Molina – On the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, Americans remember the horrible act that took the lives of 49 Americans. However, Laura Loomer, a Republican hopeful that’s looking to unseat Florida Rep. Lois Frankel (D) in the upcoming 2020 election, is taking aim at Frankel’s response to the shooting. After pledging allegiance to ISIS, shooter Omar Mateen turned his rifle and handgun on dozens of nightclub patrons, killing 49 and wounding many others back in 2016. On Twitter, Frankel remembered the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, commenting that “it has been 4 years since 49 innocent lives were lost at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando – 49 loved ones taken away from their families & friends, in one hateful act.” She added that she was “proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ community to honor their memories, fight for equality, & to #EndGunViolence.” In response, Loomer has slammed the response that Frankel and Democrats have provided, arguing that they “are refusing to admit this was an act of Islamic terrorism, and are instead attacking law-abiding gun owners.” At the time of the attack, even then-President Barack Obama himself called the mass shooting as “an actor of terror and act of hate.” “We know enough to say this was an act of terror and act of hate,” President Obama said during a White House address to the nation.

“Florida protester Oluwatoyin Salau, 19, found dead in Tallahassee after going missing” by Crestview New Bulletin’s Nada Hassanein – Oluwatoyin Salau, a 19-year-old protester who begged for justice in the wake of Black lives lost, has died. Police and her family confirmed the death Monday morning. Salau was found dead Saturday night after she went missing more than a week ago, on June 6, family members told the Tallahassee Democrat, part of the USA TODAY Network. Salau was one of two homicide victims discovered Saturday night in southeast Tallahassee, a couple miles from where she was last seen at a library. Victoria “Vicki” Sims, 75, who also had been reported missing, was the second victim. She was a retired state worker and grandmother well-known for her volunteerism and work in local Democratic politics. Police identified the suspect as Aaron Glee Jr, 49, who had been arrested twice recently for violent offenses. However, investigators have not released a motive or any other details about what led to the double homicide. “There is no justice that can be served that will replace my sister’s life,” her brother, Oluwaseyi Salau said. The last time Danaya Hemphill saw her friend was the day before she went missing. They were at a Friday afternoon protest.

“Florida Rep. On Supreme Court Decision: 'It's About Freedom'” by WLRN’s Nancy Klingener – The United States Supreme Court ruled Monday that employers may not discriminate against LGBTQ employees because of their sexual orientation. In Florida, a bill that offered legal protection to LGBTQ people has failed year after year in the state Legislature. State Rep. Holly Raschein, R-Key Largo, has been a sponsor and champion for that bill. You turn to WLRN for reporting you can trust and stories that move our South Florida community forward. Your support makes it possible. Please donate now. Thank you. Raschein spoke Monday with WLRN's Nancy Klingener. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. WLRN: What did you think when you heard the news about the Supreme Court decision? HOLLY RASCHEIN: I was actually getting ready to head to the airport and you know how the music comes on the TV — "special report" — so of course I stopped what I was doing and I was like, "Oh my gosh! Wow!" I don't want to say that I was super surprised but I was certainly happy and didn't see that coming.

“Florida suspect arrested in shooting death of Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer” by Fox News’ Bradford Betz – Florida police on Monday said they arrested a suspect in the shooting death of an off-duty Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissioner officer. Eliceo Hernandez, 20, was arrested and charged with manslaughter, according to the Hendry County Sheriff's Office. Deputies responded to reports of a shooting early Sunday morning in a neighborhood in LaBelle – about 55 miles northeast of Cape Coral – and found Julian Keen Jr., 30, fatally shot, officials said. "Our hearts are aching today," Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden said in a statement. "He was a remarkable man because of the depths of his commitment to all around him." The Florida Highway Patrol Command Officers Association on Sunday described Keen as “a genuine officer who would literally give his shirt off his back to ANYONE who needed it.” Deputies had taken three people into custody for questioning by Sunday afternoon, Tampa Bay’s FOX 13 reported. Investigators said they were able to determine through interviews that Keen and another man had witnessed a reckless driver, and Keen followed the driver in his truck. After both Keen and Hernandez stopped, officials said Keen confronted Hernandez and was later shot.

“Central Florida LGBT community reacts to SCOTUS ruling” by Click Orlando’s Troy Campbell – A couple of dozen people gathered at Lake Eola on Monday night to host what they called a celebration for the U.S. Supreme Court ruling regarding sex discrimination. “I personally know people who were terminated for their orientation, so I thought of them," Roxy Santiago said. In the 6-3 vote, the court ruled that a civil rights law passed in the 1960′s includes protections for gay and transgender workers. “People are looking for that safety in their lives and being able to say we are not going to be fired from a job, that really shows that we are making significant progress, "Jeff Prystajko said. “Now we know for sure it was ruled, by the Supreme Court, that we can openly be ourselves right in the workplace and not be you know terminated over that or lose our jobs over that," Ashley Figueroa said.

“Democrats, Republicans want Interior to ban Florida offshore drilling” by Miami Herald’s Alex Daughterty – The majority of Florida’s House of Representatives delegation, including Donald Trump confidante Matt Gaetz and 12 of Florida’s 13 House Democrats, are demanding additional answers from the Interior Department regarding any Trump administration plan for offshore drilling near Florida. The letter, led by Central Florida Democratic Rep. Darren Soto, asks when the Interior Department will release its offshore drilling plan, if Florida will be included in the plan and for the Interior Department to support legislation permanently banning offshore drilling in Florida that passed the House of Representatives last year. “Despite … the economic and environmental damage left by the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, it appears that the Department of the Interior (DOI) is preparing to open the door to oil and gas drilling off Florida’s coasts shortly after the November 2020 election,” the letter states, referring to a Politico report saying that the Trump administration is considering an oil drilling plan that includes Florida — but not until after the 2020 election. “As representatives from Florida, we are asking for clarification on DOI’s plans for drilling off the coasts of our state,” the June 15 letter says. Last week, the Interior Department said on Twitter it does “does not plan to issue a new (offshore drilling) report in November.” That leaves open the possibility that the Interior Department could issue a plan after the November election.

“Calls To Remove Confederate Monument From Historic Florida Capitol Lawn Renewed” by WFSU’s Ryan Dailey – Renewed calls are ringing out for state leadership to remove the confederate monument from the lawn of Florida’s Historic Capitol in Tallahassee. “It’s part of a revisionist history used against minorities in our state as a symbol of hatred and false supremacy,” said prominent progressive political consultant Kevin Cate. Cate, who lives in Tallahassee, wrote a new op-ed that has run in newspapers across Florida in recent days. But Cate has been calling for the monument to come down for years. He’s says it isn’t just hurtful to many in the state – he calls what’s written on the monument “fake history.” “That memorial was not put up for history, because the history is inaccurate: Among other things, it puts Gettysburg in Virginia and makes up three Florida battles that didn’t really happen in a way that should be glorified by anyone,” Cate said Monday. “It was put up as a sort of symbol, a sort of weapon against minorities in our state, and I think the time is long past due for us to bring it down.” Cate notes others, including state legislators like Representative Geraldine Thompson, have joined in asking for its removal. He adds the monument was moved to its current spot in 1923 at the direction of Florida’s governor. He says current Governor Ron DeSantis has the power to have it removed. “One of the most frustrating parts about this is the previous administration, Rick Scott, kind of feigned interest in taking it down," Cate said. "Lawmakers feigned interest in taking it down, and they kind of got caught in a limbo of, whose job is it to take it down? Ultimately, it’s the Florida governor’s job.”

“Police chief accepts resignations after Hallandale Beach SWAT team resigns” by Sun Sentinel’s Rafael Olmeda – A meeting between Hallandale Beach Police Chief Sonia Quinones and the 10 members of the SWAT team who resigned from their positions last week quickly degenerated into a union dispute Monday, according to the chief. The resigning SWAT team members showed up with an attorney and declined to say anything that had not already been submitted to the chief in writing, Quinones said. Quinones said she was hoping for a dialogue with them about readiness and training — and the message she tried to send a week earlier when she took a knee in solidarity with demonstrators protesting against police brutality. The message was supposed to be one of partnership with the community, but the officers took umbrage when some demonstrators resurrected a fatal shooting from six years earlier. “I’ve accepted the resignations,” Quinones said Monday. For the immediate future, if a SWAT team is needed in Hallandale Beach, police will rely on mutual-aid agreements with the county and other departments. Quinones said she was disappointed with the outcome of the meeting. The union lawyer was not needed because no one was being disciplined or accused of misconduct, she said. Quinones found herself in an impossible position when protesters brought up the 2014 death of Howard Bowe, said Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper. A decision to get up would have shattered a profound moment of community solidarity, knocking down a bridge for demonstrators and police — and erecting a wall in its place, Cooper said.





“Trump calls shooting death of Rayshard Brooks 'very disturbing'” by Fox News’ Andrew O’Reilly – President Trump on Monday called the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta police over the weekend “very disturbing” in his first public comment on the incident. “I thought it was a terrible situation,” Trump said Monday during a roundtable event at the White House. “To me it was very disturbing.” Atlanta police video released Sunday showing a seemingly routine sobriety check outside a Wendy's restaurant that quickly spun out of control, ending in gunfire. The killing of Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, in an encounter with two white officers late Friday rekindled fiery protests in Atlanta and prompted the police chief's resignation. Police said Sunday the department terminated Officer Garrett Rolfe, who fired the fatal shots, and officer Devin Brosnan was placed on administrative duty. Rolfe had worked for the department since October 2013, and Brosnan since September 2018. An autopsy found that Brooks was shot twice in the back late Friday by police while trying to flee. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said he hopes to decide by midweek whether to charge the officers. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was put in charge of the investigation. The shooting comes at a time of heightened tension over accusations of police brutality and racial injustice, and calls for reforms across the U.S. following the May 25 death of Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd died after a now-fired police officer, Derek Chauvin, put his knee on the unarmed black man’s neck for almost nine minutes. Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder.

“Trump expected to sign modest police reform order on Tuesday” by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and Kaitlan Collins – President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday to establish a national certification system for law enforcement agencies and a database to better track excessive uses of force by police officers nationwide, a source familiar with the matter told CNN. The executive order is still being finalized, but the key provisions in the current draft of the executive order include modest directives with broad-based support intended to encourage higher standards among police departments while leaving the prospect of more significant police reform to Congress. A source briefed on the text of the order said it is relatively muted when it comes to sweeping police reforms that have been discussed by members of both parties recently. The order mainly leans on lawmakers to do the heavy lifting, as the President has privately expressed caution about alienating police officers by going too far. Trump has yet to comprehensively address issues of police reform or even acknowledge systemic racism in America and has not been heavily involved in drafting the executive order. Instead, the President has directed his energy on delivering a tough-talking law-and-order message and falsely portraying peaceful protesters as mostly violent. The executive order is also expected to direct the secretary of Health and Human Services to encourage police departments to embed mental health professionals in their response to calls related to mental health, homelessness and addiction as well as to find resources to help police departments hire mental health co-responders, the source said.

“FDA Pulls Emergency Covid-19-Use Approval for Hydroxychloroquine, Taken by Trump” by WSJ’s Thomas M. Burton and Jared S. Hopkins – The Food and Drug Administration has revoked its emergency-use authorization for two malaria drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, for the treatment of the Covid-19 disease. “It is no longer reasonable to believe” the two drugs “may be effective in treating Covid-19,” said Denise M. Hinton, the FDA’s chief scientist said in a Monday letter. Nor is it reasonable, she added, to believe that “known and potential benefits of these products outweigh their known and potential risks.” The two drugs were widely touted by President Trump as useful to help patients afflicted by Covid-19, which some say contributed to panic-buying and shortages. Mr. Trump disclosed last month, that he himself had taken hydroxychloroquine, to ward off possible Covid-19 disease. In one tweet, he had claimed that hydroxychloroquine combined with the antibiotic azithromycin, “have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.” The FDA had issued the authorization for emergency use in treatment of Covid-19 in March, after the medicines had fallen in short supply. The decision allowed the government to distribute millions of doses donated by drug companies. But on April 24, the FDA issued a cautionary statement after learning of serious heart rhythm problems among coronavirus patients who had used one of the two medicines.

“Tucker: Black Lives Matter 'enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism,' US is at a 'dangerous moment'” by Fox News’ Charles Creitz – Tucker Carlson opened Monday's edition of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" with a discussion of the popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement, describing it as the first political party that cannot be criticized without professional or personal consequences. "The media, in their relentlessly fawning coverage, usually describe Black Lives Matter as an activist group or protest movement," the host said. "But that's deception by understatement. Black Lives Matter is not a collection of marchers with signs. It's not a conventional political lobby like Planned Parenthood or the NRA ... It is working to remake the country and then to control it. It's a political party.. "As of tonight, Black Lives Matter may be the single most powerful party in the United States," Carlson contiued. "Nobody says that out loud but politicians understand it perfectly well. If nothing else, they understand power -- they can smell it at great distances. That is why they are lining up to bow before Black Lives Matter." The host pointed out that Republicans, as well as Democrats, have been bowing to the new party, with none other than Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, taking part in a protest march in recent weeks. "Republican leaders brag about their strong conservative convictions, but mostly they just want to be on the winning team, whatever that is," Carlson said. "That is why they pause before offending China. It's why when Black Lives Matter tells them to take a knee, they do. "It's all pretty strange when you think about it. If the leaders of Black Lives Matter are political actors, and they are, then by definition you are allowed to have any opinion you want to have about them."

“Two conservative justices joined decision expanding LGBTQ rights” by CNN’s Joan Buskupic – Five years after the US Supreme Court declared a fundamental right for same-sex couples to marry, the justices produced another landmark for the gay rights movement by ruling that federal anti-bias law covers millions of gay, lesbian and transgender workers. Monday's decision came at the hands of an unusual six-justice coalition on the nine-member bench, cloaked in legalistic, textualist reading of the statute but nonetheless reflecting a cultural transformation in America. The ruling joins the annals of high court decisions over the last quarter century that have helped drive gay progress on myriad fronts, including the 2003 decision striking down statutes that criminalized sodomy and a 2013 action that invalidated a federal law that denied married same-sex couples the Social Security and other benefits given opposite-sex married couples. Even with a newly cemented conservative majority, it appears the high court will continue moving forward on LGBTQ rights. There is still a question of how such rights will fare when religious objections emerge or questions about shared locker rooms and bathrooms are invoked in a transgender dispute -- issues Monday's opinion specifically did not address. The 6-3 decision was written by Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump's first high court appointee and an unyielding conservative on most disputes. Equally significant, the decision was joined by Chief Justice John Roberts, who had never signed an opinion endorsing gay rights.

“Stocks Close Higher After Falling on Virus Fears” by WSJ’s Michael Wursthorn and Anna Isaac – U.S. stocks climbed Monday, staging a dramatic reversal, after the Federal Reserve signaled its latest efforts to support financial markets through the coronavirus pandemic. The Dow Jones Industrial Average swung more than 1,000 points from its low to its high before closing up 157.62 points, or 0.6%, to 25763.16. Stocks within the blue-chip index and other major benchmarks got a boost after the Fed said it would expand its bond-buying program to include debt from individual companies. Stocks had opened sharply lower on reports of an uptick in coronavirus cases in the U.S. and China, curbing optimism over the pace of the global economic recovery and extending the market’s pullback from last week. But opportunistic stock pickers helped narrow those losses as the session wore on, pushing up shares of companies closely tied to the reopening of the economy. The gains accelerated in afternoon trading when the Fed said it would broaden a previously announced program to purchase bonds of U.S. companies to include a portfolio of corporate bonds based on a broad, diversified index. “This is yet another sign the Fed is going to do everything under their power to help liquidity,” said Ryan Detrick, a senior market strategist for LPL Financial. “Worries over a second wave? No worries, the Fed is here.” Mr. Detrick and other analysts and investors have pointed to the central bank as a stabilizing force for stocks over the past several months, noting that the bounce from the market’s lows in March was largely driven by a Fed willing to use monetary policy more aggressively to stimulate the economy.

“Rep. Ilhan Omar announces death of father from COVID-19 complications” by Fox News’ Edmund DeMarche – Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., announced the death of her 67-year-old father on Monday due to complications from COVID-19. “It is with tremendous sadness and pain to say goodbye to my father, Nur Omar Mohamed. No words can describe what he meant to me and all who knew and loved him,” she posted on Twitter. The Washington Post reported that when Omar and her family arrived in the U.S., they lived for about a year in the Washington, D.C., suburbs. She recalled being bullied in middle school there. She remembered her father telling her, “They are doing this to you because they feel threatened in some way by your existence.” The family eventually moved to Minneapolis’s Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. The coronavirus has claimed 116, 125 lives in the U.S. as of Tuesday morning, according to Johns Hopkins University. The virus is considered to be especially dangerous to the elderly community and those with compromised immune systems. On June 14, Omar took to Twitter to warn about the virus risk. “The pandemic is not over,” she wrote. “Stay vigilant. When protesting or volunteering, keep at least six-foot distance from others when possible, wear a mask, wash or sanitize your hands, and consider getting tested for #COVID19. And do not go if you have symptoms!”

“Key Senate Republican pushes back on GOP leaders: 'Bad decision' to wait a month on police reform” by CNN’s Manu Raju and Clare Foran – Senior Senate Republicans signaled on Monday that the chamber may have to wait at least a month to take up policing overhaul legislation -- a timeline that sparked criticism from Tim Scott, the GOP senator leading the effort amid demands across the country for urgent action in the wake of episodes of police brutality. GOP leaders suggested that there is little time for the Senate to take up the bill, given that other major priorities -- such as an annual defense bill -- are bound to eat up precious floor time and since the policing bill has yet to be officially introduced, but they indicated after meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that they might still seek a vote before the July 4 holiday. Senate Majority Whip John Thune said that "if everything can be pulled together" then "it would be nice to get it up and get it voted on" when asked by a reporter if McConnell wants a vote before the Fourth of July. Thune added, though, that nothing is "concrete" yet.

The comments came after top Republicans suggested earlier Monday it was unlikely the bill could move before a two-week Fourth of July recess, meaning July 20 would be the soonest such a plan could be considered. But that prompted pushback from Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, the lone African American GOP senator who is leading his party's charge to respond to the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minnesota after a white police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

President Donald Trump @realDonaldTrumpInteresting how ANTIFA and other Far Left militant groups can take over a city without barely a wimpier from soft Do Nothing Democrat leadership, yet these same weak leaders become RADICAL when it comes to shutting down a state or city and its hard working, tax paying citizens!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz @DWStweets -As if his rabid white supremacy weren't enough, Trump is now reminding us of his disgusting transphobia. This new rule will make it harder for LGBTQ patients to access medical care during a pandemic. We’ll have a lot to fix once this hateful man is gone

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