Republican Crenshaw Calls out COVID-19

Republican Crenshaw Calls out COVID-19 "Misinformation"

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 20, 2020

Over the weekend, President Trump shared a video on Twitter from Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R), which explains what the Republican lawmaker believes is misinformation being shared by the mainstream media regarding President Trump and his response to the growing threat of the coronavirus.

This comes at a time when the President has been involved in a contention relationship with media outlets, and the relationship has only become increasingly more hostile.

In the video, the Texas lawmaker tells viewers that they’re “being bombarded right now with these really over-the-top accusations against the President. That he’s got blood on his hands, that his denial and delay has cost lives, and that basically he took no action until it was too late.”

As well, Rep. Crenshaw was also a guest on the Bill Maher Show wherein he took part in a discussion regarding the Trump Administration’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Maher, criticizing the President’s handling of the pandemic, shared that he was shocked that the Republican lawmaker would be defending the President. Maher added that the President was simply deflecting from assuming responsibility over allowing the pandemic to reach the negative heights that it has reached.

“I support the country, and the president’s success is certainly tied in the success of the country,” explained the former NAVY Seal. He noted that he supports the President’s agenda and that when he does not agree, he openly disagrees with it.

This, for Crenshaw, is not the case with the argument that Maher was posing.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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