Scott: Pelosi orchestrated impeachment inquiry to help Biden
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Scott: Pelosi orchestrated impeachment inquiry to help Biden


After Rep. Adam Schiff (D) concluded his opening argument before the U.S. Senate as to why he and fellow House Democrats voted to impeach President Donald Trump, it was the White House counsel’s turn to rebut Schiff and his case for impeachment.

When asked about what he thought about the White House attorney’s response to Rep. Schiff, Florida Senator Rick Scott said that he thought Schiff “got knee-capped” by Trump’s defense team and that the presentation showed that there was “no due process in the House” and that Schiff presentation was a “fabrication.”

Scott then stated that the entire impeachment inquiry was fabricated by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to help vice president Joe Biden’s presidential campaign,

“I think I’ve come to the conclusion why Nancy Pelosi held the articles of impeachment for 33 days,” said Scott “This whole thing is to help Joe Biden.

Scott then said that the move was orchestrated “to keep Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren off the campaign trail and help Joe Biden” adding that “This is no different than what happened to Sanders back in 2016.”

In 2016, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) allegedly stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders to help Secretary Hillary Clinton win their presidential nomination.


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