Deutch Slams Scott's

Deutch Slams Scott's "Appalling" Hostage Advertisement

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
January 30, 2020

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has released an advertisement, slamming Democrats for not doing their job and holding him “hostage with 99 other people in the U.S. Capitol.”

He elaborated that the reason why Democrats were acting in a partisan why is because they “are trying to cover up Joe Biden’s corruption.”

As the impeachment trial heads to the Senate, Republicans have been trying to highlight Hunter Biden’s time while on the board of Burisma through Vice President’s time in the White House.

However, responding to the Senator’s accusation, Florida Red. Ted Deutch (D) is blasting the former sunshine state Governor.

Sharing his thoughts on Twitter, and highlighting what he believes is failed leadership on behalf of Senator Scott, Rep. Deutch commented that “after working w/me to ask POTUS to secure release of our constituent Bob Levinson, you must understand why this ad is so appalling.”

Deutch explained that “Bob has been held hostage in Iran for almost 13 years.”

He concluded by saying that “doing the job you swore an oath to do as our senator doesn’t make you a hostage.”

With the impeachment trial moving forward with possible new witnesses being called to the stand, the back and forth between lawmakers from both sides of the aisle has only escalated.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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