Radical Leftist Enviro Group and Trump Foe Continues to Side with Brian Mast

Radical Leftist Enviro Group and Trump Foe Continues to Side with Brian Mast

December 19, 2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is tasked to manage the water flowing in and out of Lake Okeechobee, and as the group continues to plot a path forward and determine Lake Okeechobee’s future water level, a radical George Soros-linked Environmental group that has “proudly” sued the Trump administration 179 times continues to rub shoulders with combat veteran and Republican Congressman Brian Mast (R-FL).

Nutrient-filled lake water containing toxic blue-green algae has been causing extensive environmental harm to waterways in Mast’s congressional campaign, so dealing with the Army Corp. about strategically releasing toxic water and maintaining Lake Okeechobee’s water levels.

According to a recent story in Southwest Florida’s News-Press, the Center for Biological Diversity, the group that appears to have an attorney on speed to file what seems a daily lawsuit against the Trump administration, is objecting to Lake Okeechobee water levels over health concerns, among others.

"Some things we’d like to see come out of LOSOM are an acknowledgment by the Corps that how it manages the lake affects coastal ecosystems, a deep-dive investigation into how the different management options impact all resources including human health, listed species, and coastal economies, and finally, a menu of options that give the Corps greater operational flexibility and significantly advance Everglades restoration by looking more closely about how the (Everglades Agriculture Area) could be reincorporated back into the historic flow of the Everglades," Lopez said.

But while Rep. Mast’s continues to fight the good fight to keep Florida’s waterways clean, questions are being raised about his apparent close ties with the Biological Diversity group.

Earlier this month, a post on Mast’s Congressional website echoed nearly the exact same concerns almost word-for-word:

“For decades, special interests have been prioritized For decades, special interests have been prioritized over human health and safety. And it's turning the Treasure Coast into the Tortured Coast.”

On its website, the Center for Biological Diversity asks for support “to stop Trump's rollback of protections for wildlife, public lands, our climate and communities.”

Mast is no stranger to collaborations with the Center on this issue. In March, as reported by Gateway Pundit, Mast actually held a public appearance with the Trump-hating group:

“So it comes as a complete and total surprise that [Mast] recently appeared publicly with a group that has repeatedly sued the Trump Administration and has taken at least $17,500 from a George Soro-linked organization.”

Is Mast bought and sold by the environmental lobby, or is it just a coincidence that he and the Trump-suing leftist group are playing in the same sandbox or estuary?

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