Rick Scott: Don’t put your life at risk during Hurricane
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Rick Scott: Don’t put your life at risk during Hurricane


Florida is ready if Hurricane Dorian makes landfall, but officials are not taking any chances and are continuing to tell Floridians to heed their warnings and prepare for the worst case scenario.

Sen. Rick Scott (R), who was with President Trump this past weekend in Washington and Camp David, where they were briefed on the storm, appeared on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier”  to update viewers.

Scott continued to warn viewers of how dangerous Hurricane Dorian was and to not take any chances if and when the storm strikes Florida.

“Know you can always rebuild a house but you can’t rebuild a life. We’ve got to you know you have to take this thing seriously,” said Scott

With 5 deaths already reported in The Bahamas, Scott emphasizes that Floridians need to “overprepare” for any storm.

“I would take it very seriously. Don’t take a chance with your family. You hear the stories coming out of the Bahamas where people lost their life,” Scott said.

“My message’s simple: Don’t take a chance. Floridians are strong & resilient, but no one should put their lives at risk,” tweeted Scott “Be prepared. If you are in an evacuation zone, evacuate now. I can’t emphasize it enough. A storm like this shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Hurricane Dorian continues to batter the northern Bahamas as it travels west at a snails pace of 1 mph. The storm is expected to make a turn to the north, but as Scott said, many times these storms do not follow their forecasted paths.


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