Scott wants U.S. Navy to block Venezuelan oil to Cuba

Scott wants U.S. Navy to block Venezuelan oil to Cuba

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 5, 2019

The pressure against Venezuela continues, and Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has positioned himself at the forefront of the battle.

In a recent interview with TV Venezuela, Senator Scott discussed the ongoing calls for the United States to use naval assets that would block the flow of oil shipped from Venezuela to Cuba.

This move would cut off the supply of oil to the Castro Regime, and Senator Scott believes it would be the most effective action that the United States could take to end the brutal regime of Nicolas Maduro.

In the interview, Senator Scott further explained that Cuba is key to the problems that Venezuela is currently facing, asserting that the United States has to take this into account when deciding how to respond to Venezuela and the humanitarian crisis that the country is currently facing.

Elaborating on what he has done, Senator Scott shared that he “spoke to President Trump about a week and a half ago at the White House about cutting the flow of oil [to Cuba].”

He discussed the important role that Cuba plays in the matter, adding that “the thugs in Cuba have shown they are violent and dangerous.”

Recently, lawmakers have been embroiled in a battle regarding TPS and the Venezuelan people.

Senator Scott, along with Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R), is a supporter of extending TPS to the Venezuelan people.

In the ongoing discussion between Republicans and Democrats, Scott argues that it is important “to find a solution now to allow TPS for Venezuelans.” He's slammed the Maduro regime, explaining that “Maduro is killing his citizens. It’s genocide. Every passing day, the situation on the ground grows worse.”  

Scott has also informed that he’s “working with my colleagues on legislative solutions to this problem” and that he is “committed to working across the aisle to resolve any concerns.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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