Trump to Host Fundraiser, Rally at Heat-Battered Doral Golf Resort

Trump to Host Fundraiser, Rally at Heat-Battered Doral Golf Resort

Liv Caputo
Liv Caputo
July 9, 2024

DORAL, FL—Former President Donald Trump, accompanied by prominent Republicans like Sen. Rick Scott, Rep. Carlos Gimenez, and the shortlisted Sen. Marco Rubio, will host a campaign rally at his flagship golf resort Tuesday night in Doral amidst rising voices wondering who his Vice Presidential pick will be.

The Trump rally—which will double as a fundraiser—began at 2 P.M. during a South Florida heat advisory warning, with a heat index value climbing to 107 degrees as the actual temperature piqued at a whopping 94 degrees. As for the event itself, donors who shell out $25,000 can get a photo with Trump, a FastPass-esque entry, a Trump 47 hat, and prime seating, Politico reported.

Members of the public, meanwhile, will have free entry.

"Florida is still his home,” Miami Commissioner Kevin Cabrera—Trump's former Florida director—told Politico. “It’s important to the president as he marches toward the convention. It's important you don't forget your home state — and the Hispanic vote, which is huge."

"The question is really: Why not?” added Cabrera, who's expected to speak tonight. Though the event begins at 2 P.M., Trump and friends aren't expected to speak until around 7 P.M., leaving a five-hour window for attendees to mill about the Trump National Doral golf resort.

Aside from Rubio, Scott, and Gimenez, state lawmakers Randy Fine, Alina Garcia, Juan Carlos Porras, Kevin Steele, and Speaker-designate Danny Perez are also expected to be in attendance. As is Doral Mayor Christi Fraga, who told The Floridian that as a strong supporter of the former President and the Mayor of the city, she will certainly be present.

"Of course, I will be there! I am the Republican Mayor of the city he is hosting the rally in and he is our party leader," she wrote in a text message. "I have always supported him as our Republican nominee."

Although Fraga, a Republican, was once the only "no" vote to allow Trump a key to the city during her time in City Council in 2015, she maintained she's in staunch support of the presumed nominee, as she was in 2016 and 2020. That wasn't the only time she made political news: in May, she was heavily criticized for producing a now-retracted Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire resolution and just weeks later, was among a chorus of local voices accusing a city councilwoman of abuse of power.

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Liv Caputo

Liv Caputo

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