Houthi’s Continued Assaults Spark Fresh Criticism Against Biden's Foreign Policy

Houthi’s Continued Assaults Spark Fresh Criticism Against Biden's Foreign Policy

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
June 29, 2024

Consistent Houthi terrorist attacks throughout the Red Sea are inciting renewed conservative criticism towards President Joe Biden’s response.

Almost daily, Houthi forces have executed drone attacks against ships believed to have direct or indirect links to the US, Israel, or any of their allies.

Given a third of the global container shipping trade traverses the region targeted by the Houthis, their strikes have increased shipping costs, consequently raising prices for consumers.

US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) criticized President Biden’s response to the Houthi conflict.

Namely, Senator Rubio questioned Biden’s decision to remove the Houthis from the US’ official terrorist shortlist and termination of military support for allies’ anti-Houthi operations.

Rubio accused Biden of executing ineffective military responses that embolden the Houthis and ultimately endanger Americans.

“When our country’s enemies go unpunished for attacking Americans and paralyzing the global economy,” said Rubio. “We are inviting them to continue their reckless, unchecked aggression to see what else they can get away with.”

The Houthis argue their military offensive is a legitimate response to Israel’s own military incursions into Gaza following Hamas’ October 7th attacks.

US Central Command (CENTCOM) reported the latest Houthi attack occurred June 27.

CENTCOM forces intercepted a Houthi uncrewed aerial system (UAS) aimed at  U.S., coalition forces, and merchant vessels in the Red Sea.

US forces have largely deflected Houthi strikes, but some have damaged US and allies’ assets, to the point of sinking entire commercial shipping vessels.

Earlier this week, Houthi attacks struck four different merchant vessels in the Red Sea.

Last week, Houthi strikes sunk an entire container ship, killing one of its crew-members.

More tragically, two US Navy Seals lost their lives earlier this year during an operation to seize Iranian weapons shipments bound for Houthi outposts.


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