Scott Chides Biden Halting Arms Over Rafah Plans

Scott Chides Biden Halting Arms Over Rafah Plans

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 13, 2024

All eyes are on Rafah as reports indicate that Israel is planning to attack the southern Gaza city of Rafah. President Joe Biden (D), who has grown increasingly critical of Israel, commented last week that the United States would halt the shipment of weapons to Israel if it moved forward with its plans. Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has responded to the threat, warning that halting arms could have disastrous consequences.

During an interview with FOX News, Senator Scott questioned the decision to halt arms to Israel, admitting that the U.S. would be sending "a horrible message." In the fight against Hamas, Senator Scott says Israel doesn't have a choice given that Hamas' last battalions are in Rafah.

"If they're going to destroy Hamas, which they have to do for any security, they have to go in," Senator Scott said, adding that Israel is determined "to do everything they can to get the civilians out."

Senator Scott reminded that "63 people were killed, babies were beheaded, girls were raped, people were burned alive, people were shot at point blank, for just being one thing - Jewish."

The Florida Senator is not the only one questioning the Biden Administration's decision as his own biggest donors are also calling for the president to change his course of action. This culminated in a swarm of messages from donors being directed to the president at the request of Democratic mega donor and Israeli American Haim Saban.

In an email, Saban said it was a "bad, bad, bad, decision, on all levels, Pls reconsider." "Let's not forget that there are more Jewish voters, who care about Israel, than Muslim voters that care about Hamas."

Senator Scott accused President Biden of now being a member of the "pro-Hamas wing of his [Democrat] party," adding that "Israel has no choice but to destroy Rafah."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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