Ocasio-Cortez Supports Doral Mayor's 'Very Important' Ceasefire Resolution

Ocasio-Cortez Supports Doral Mayor's 'Very Important' Ceasefire Resolution

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
May 15, 2024

The controversial Israel-Palestinian ceasefire resolution recently put forward by Doral Mayor Christi Fraga  and passed unanimously when the entire city council voted in favor of the measure, has not only caused a seismic rift within Florida politics, but it has now become a national issue as Progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has expressed her support for the resolution, calling it a "really important signal" to America.

After the House of Representatives cast two suspension votes on Tuesday, The Floridian spoke to the popular Rep. Ocasio-Cortez about the resolution, where she said that the "vast majority of Americans" support a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel," adding how important it was for local municipalities like Doral to support a ceasefire.

"This is where the vast majority of Americans are. We see of course a broad spectrum of rationales and reasons, but at the end of the day the vast majority of Democrats, the majority of Independents—large polarities of Independents—support a ceasefire in Gaza. This to me is not a radical position, it is not a fringe position, this is the centrist position—this is the moderate position of the United States," said Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. "I think the more that we have these municipal and other county-level resolutions, it is important because each of us represents our own municipalities here in the House, and I know that if I'm looking back home and I see some of my towns and cities and neighborhoods are adopting ceasefire resolutions, it's a really important signal on proxy of the geography of where I come from, and so I do think that it matters: any peace towards it matters."

After The Floridian first reported that the resolution sponsored by Mayor Fraga  was written by the Miami-based, pro-Palestine activist and lawyer Zohra Mehdi Khorashi, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers began to not only distance themselves from Fraga and the resolution, but many openly denounced the measure.

Lawmakers were taken back by the deep dive into  Khorashi that The Floridian did, uncovering a cache of statements, memes, and videos that propagated antisemitic and anti-Israel propaganda.

Governor Ron DeSantis called the resolution " a total fraud" and "a Joke." during a recent press conference.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Evan Power sent The Floridian  a statement he then posted on social media, where he stated that Fraga "does not reflect the view of the Florida GOP."

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D) told The Floridian he disagreed with the resolution, and all but challenged the "entire Republican Party" to condemn Republican Fraga.

"It's awkward for the Republican Party to be dealing with what I've been dealing with on the left. Of course I [disagree with the resolution]. I look forward to seeing the entire Republican Party condemn the mayor of Doral just like they've condemned all the other cities that lean more my direction that have been doing those resolutions," said Rep. Moskowitz.

Another Jewish-American congresswoman, Lois Frankel (D), also told The Floridian  she disagreed with the resolution, while Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R) called the move "misguided."

"People have some very strong feelings—it's America, I respect them. Hamas started this, Hamas is responsible, Hamas has said that they will continue to fight until Israel is eliminated. Israel has a right to defend herself, and that's how I feel. If they want to pass a resolution—I mean I don't agree with it—but that's their option," said Rep. Frankel.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D), who has recently been called a "enemy of Ameica"  by Israel’s Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Amichai Chikliaid, said she was up to speed on the resolution and did not want to give atatement,

Fraga told The Floridian that she was speaking to members of South Florida's Jewish community to help rework the resolution, and would have a statement to offer in the coming day or so.

We were able to confirm with several key Jewish leaders Fraga's openness to address the controversy she created with her resolution. One of the leaders said that the damage was done and that the best advice he or she could give Fraga was to completely disavow the resolution, and not try to put the genie back in the bottle.

In addtion, we have also learned that the Israeli Consulate in Miami is well aware of the resolution and Khorashi's past anti-Israel positions, and is also acitively offering help get this controversy "fixed."

Walking Back Their Ceasefire Vote

But while members of Florida's congressional caucus have come out in opposition to the City of Doral';s ceasefire resolution, several of Doral's city council membefrs, who all voted for the ceasefire, have now come out against the resolution.

Councilwomen Digna Cabral, and Maureen Porras,  and  Vice Mayor Oscar Puig Corvé, all reached out to The Floridian to express their distaste and remorse for the resolution they voted for, questioning  the integrity of the resolution, Fraga's leadership, and to question Khorashi's clear pro-Palestine, anti-Israel position.

Councilwomen Digna Cabral (press statement)

In the wake of the recent City Council vote on a resolution concerning the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, Councilwoman Digna Cabral is voicing her concerns regarding the accuracy of the information presented prior to the vote and the potential implications for community safety.

During last week's council meeting, a resolution was presented and subsequently approved which appeared to address the city's stance on the conflict. Before the vote, the Council explicitly inquired if the resolution was meant to imply a ceasefire and whether it would affect the city's current support for Israel. The Mayor assured the Council that the resolution would neither indicate a ceasefire nor alter the ctv's stance supporting Israel, emphasizing that the intention behind the resolution was to promote peace and support for diplomatic solutions in international conflicts.

Upon further review of the resolution text post-approval, it has become evident that the resolution indeed proposes a ceasefire and directly contradicts the city's longstanding support for Israel. This revelation has raised significant concerns about the transparency and the true ntent of the resoluton as presented by the mayor.

Councilman and Vice Mayor Oscar Puig Corvé

The October 7th attack of Hamas on innocent Israelis was abhorrent. Immediately, I stood with Israel, and still do.

At Doral’s November 8th Council Meeting, I supported Resolution 23-5350 “Extending Unwavering Solidarity and Support for the State of Israel; Condemning the Tragic Terrorist Attack Perpetrated by Hamas on October 7th.”

Mayor Fraga’s resolution under the guise of “peace and security for Palestine and Israel” does not reflect my beliefs and what I stand for.

I had no idea about Zohar Mehdi Khorashi’s previous comments nor about her relationship with Mayor Fraga.

It was never, not whatsoever my intent to offend my Jewish brothers and sisters. As a matter of fact, I have Jewish family members and longtime friends whom I deeply love and care for.

I will certainly be co-sponsoring a resolution at our June 12th council meeting reversing Mayor Fraga’s Resolution.

Let me be clear, I absolutely support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Councilwoman Maureen Porras

 Fraga had originally put the resolution on  the  Consent  Agenda,  and when  you  put  an  item  for  a  city  council  meeting  on the Consent Agenda, you don't get to discuss it—it basically just gets approved automatically," Porras said, explaining that she was the one to pull the resolution up for discussion.

"I think that our Jewish community feels very hurt. [This resolution] is something that we can bring back and revisit and revise. We can do a motion to reconsider during the next council meeting on June 12th," Porras continued. "I don't think that it's something that truly reflects what the city should—or at least from my personal opinion—what we should be supporting."

"I think that the city of Doral was fine the way it was."

The next council meeting is June 12, and while Porras and Puig Corvé will co-sponsore a resolution to reverse Fraga'sceasefire resolution, a special meeting, or emergency meeting, may be called by Porras in the coming days to address the matter.

Whether the meeting takes place before or on June 12th, it is expected to possibly draw in both pro-Palestinian and por-Israel activists to attend the meeting.

Liv Caputo contributed to this story

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