Cory Mills 'Disgusted' Ukraine Flag Displayed in House Chamber

Cory Mills 'Disgusted' Ukraine Flag Displayed in House Chamber

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
April 21, 2024

Additional aid for Ukraine was passed in the House of Representatives last week.  However, House Republicans continue to be split on the issue.  Congressman Cory Mills (R-FL) responded to demonstrations of the Ukrainian flag being waved in the House Chamber.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA)  has received backlash from Republican colleagues who did not vote for the foreign aid.  While some Republicans did jump ship and vote for the aid, none were as zealous as Democrats who have gone so far as to wave Ukraine's flag in Congress according to Rep. Mills.

Mills posted on X his reaction to what he saw.

"I'm sure you're all as disgusted as I am with witnessing the flying of Ukrainian flags on the US Congressional Chamber.  I want to be clear that the only flag that should ever be flown on our Congress, on our floor in our chamber, should be the American flag," stated Rep. Mills.

"It is a sad day in Congress, it is a sad day in America when people proudly fly the flag of a foreign nation in our United States Chamber.  I am disgusted by this." Mills elaborated, "And the fact that the Sergeant of Arms and others did not ensure that a quorum I think is one of those things that needs to be followed up on."

Mills continued to reaffirm his America First stance and mention his devotion to Gold Star Families.  Mills has a military history and has gone above and beyond his role as a Congressman in terms of foreign affairs.  Mills has led multiple international rescue efforts, in Afghanistan, Israel and Haiti.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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