Donalds Presses Chuck Schumer to 'do his job' on Aid for Israel

Donalds Presses Chuck Schumer to 'do his job' on Aid for Israel

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
November 15, 2023

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (R) had heated exchange with reporters after the House passed a government shutdown bill. Despite 95 Republicans voting against the government shutdown bill, it will now head to the Senate.

Rep. Donalds also discussed foreign aid to Israel, calling on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) to "do his job."

In speaking about the vote, Donalds admitted that "Speaker Johnson is in a tough spot." Donalds directed blame to Congress for refusing "to take seriously the fiscal outlook of this country." Similarly, he also directed blame at the Senate, calling on them to be more fiscally responsible. "We don't have money to burn," Donalds warned, arguing that "If the members of the Senate still believe that it is 2006, and they can just borrow money for whatever they want with no consequence, that aint happenin' no more, so that's my focus now."

The conversation concerns funds for border security and foreign Aid to Ukraine and Israel, the latter of which is involved in a war with Hamas. Donalds, who supports aid to Israel, lashed out at Schumer for not prioritizing aid to Israel.

"I find it interesting that he thinks that IRS agents are more important than supporting Israel when they were subject to one of the most barbaric attacks ever foisted against a country. Ever," Donalds told reporters when questioned about aid to Israel.

"I've watched the footage. It is barbaric, and so, for Chuck Schumer to sit his a** over there basically say 'oh, well, we have IRS agents that we like. That's BS. Sorry, but I watched the footage this morning. I watched Democrat members of Congress crying their eyes out about what Hamas did to Israeli citizens who were just livin' their lives, so Chuck Schumer needs to get his head out of his [pause] and come back to reality," added Donalds.

"There are IRS agents that haven't been hired yet. Are you kiddin' me? You just want to borrow the country intro oblivion, and you think that's ok? the House has done its job when it comes to Israel. We've done our job. Chuck Schumer needs to figure out what the hell's going on in the world and do his job," Donalds further explained.

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