DeSantis Rising in Iowa

DeSantis Rising in Iowa

There is an unquestionable groundswell of support on the ground for DeSantis in Iowa

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 8, 2023

Des Moines, IA–As his presidential campaign team continues to push the narrative that the 2024 Republican presidential primary is solely between Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, there are clear signs that movement on the ground in Iowa appears to favor DeSantis.

Is Gov. DeSantis's campaign rising from the political ashes?

During five campaign stops this past weekend in and around southeast Iowa, the level of grassroots support that Gov. DeSantis is currently enjoying has significantly increased since he first announced his presidential candidacy in late May, and after the subsequent campaign reboots.

The first event was held in Ankeny, Iowa, where roughly 400 Iowans showed up to hear DeSantis convey his political views and ideas.

Governor Ron DeSantis
Governor Ron DeSantis

These attendees were not the usual Trump supporters who came out to merely hear what DeSantis had to say, as was the case in the past, rather ardent DeSantis supporters, who many told The Floridian that they were going to caucus for him over President Trump.

The same was the case at the subsequent smaller events throughout the day, where DeSantis and the Never Back Down PAC took their touring bus  on the road to rural counties and towns.

Several voters that once supported former President Trump echoed the growing argument that they believed “new blood” was needed in The White House because both Trump and President Joe Biden were too old,” and that “Trump fatigue” had taken a toll on them.

“Why can’t he just keep his mouth shut, and stop sticking his foot in it?” questioned one newly-flipped DeSantis supporter.

Another former Trump voter told The Floridian that he was absolutely turned off by President Trump's recent statement that DeSantis’s six-week abortion ban “terrible.”

Governor Ron DeSantis
Governor Ron DeSantis

Iowa is a deeply conservative and religious state and President Trump's recent abortion statement could turn out to  be a stinging unforced error.

DeSantis who is a devout Catholic and attends mass on Sundays with his family, is trying to capitalize on the President's statement, reiterating his condemnation of Trump’s abortion ban remark on a couple of occasions throughout the day.

The takeaway is that they're tired of Trump. They don't want President Biden, and they want to give DeSantis who is younger, a shot at the Republican nomination and presidency.

Throughout southeastern Iowa, dozens and dozens of DeSantis 2024 signs can be seen peppering homefronts and farms.

There is an unquestionable groundswell of support on the ground for DeSantis in Iowa, but will this support be enough for him to pull off an upset victory over Trump when Iowans go to caucus in mid-January?

President Trump was also in Iowa over the weekend, holding a rally in Cedar Springs.

DeSantis’s ground game strategy appears to be working and building the momentum that he needs going into the final 100 days of the campaign.

Trump is way ahead in the polls, leading DeSantis by 30 percentage points in the latest Iowa poll conducted by CBS News, but DeSantis seems to be turning his campaign around and has jumped about 5 points in the poll.

DeSantis also criticized President Biden for his slow response in denouncing the recent terrorist attack in Israel.

DeSantis brought along his three kids, —Mason Madison and Mamie, as well as First Lady Casey DeSantis.

Kids will be kids, and as father of 4  children, who  arethe same ages as the DeSantis kiddos, I couldn’t help but jump into dad mode and guard them from a distance as the DeSantis mini-me’s ran around and played.

Mrs. DeSantis also had her trained eagle eye on all of the kids.

The next stop for Team DeSantis is New Hampshire, where DeSantis has slipped to third place in the latest polls.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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