DeSantis Release First Tele-Townhall Audio

DeSantis Release First Tele-Townhall Audio

“Florida shows that all this stuff can be done, decline ultimately is a choice.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 12, 2023

This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) released the audio from his first tele-townhall. Governor DeSantis hosted the tele-townhall with Team DeSantis donors. During the tele-townhall, DeSantis answered questions regarding numerous topics while sharing his plan for, what he argues, is a successful 2024 presidential campaign.

Over the course of the half-hour tele-townhall, DeSantis discussed numerous topics including education and removing “Soros backed” District Attorneys. The removals have become a controversial topic, but DeSantis remains firm in his decision to oust the DAs.

On the subject of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), DeSantis expressed that “in Florida, we’ve eliminated the purchase of land by the CCP and its affiliates, and we’ve also gotten rid of things like the Confucius institutes from our state universities and colleges, so we’ve leaned in against CCP as governor, and obviously we would know how to stand up to them as president.”

“Florida shows that all this stuff can be done, decline ultimately is a choice,” DeSantis added, echoing remarks he shared during the first Republican primary debate.

He also commented on using deadly force against the Mexican cartels, which he said “we’re entitled to do” because “they’re killing tens of thousands of our fellow Americans.”

Moreover, DeSantis further endorsed the idea of using the military against the Mexican cartels.

“Our message for the Mexican cartels is if you break into our country and you try to run drugs when I’m president, it’ll be the last thing you do because you’re gonna end up stone cold dead at the border.”

He introduced his platform to listeners, but he also answered questions from the public.

The tele-townhall comes after weeks of a campaign shakeup, but DeSantis said he’s ready as ever to reverse Bidenomics by “keeping taxes low,” “taking the bureaucracy and downsizing it,” and addressing how dependent the United States has become to CCP.

Ultimately, to “have an economy that works for hard working people” is what DeSantis is after, and with the second Republican primary debate just days away, DeSantis hopes to enlist more supporters to take the Republican nomination away from President Donald Trump (R).

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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