Friendly Advice for Governor Ron DeSantis as he Reboots his Presidential Campaign

Friendly Advice for Governor Ron DeSantis as he Reboots his Presidential Campaign

Take it or leave it, but this is solid advice

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
July 24, 2023

After only two months of being in the 2024 Republican presidential primary race, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is having to “reboot” his campaign as a result of money woes, falling poll numbers, and the perception that he is not likable.

According to POLITICO, DeSantis’s campaign manager Generra Peck spelled out the campaign's ineffectiveness and missing key fundraising targets while spending way too much money during an apparent emergency donor meeting in all places, Deer Valley, Utah.

One of DeSantis's close advisors, friends, and fundraisers, Nick Iarossi, says that voters will “get to know the true Ron DeSantis.”

“The most important thing I heard coming out of this donor retreat weekend is that the campaign is going to be more lean, nimble and efficient.  An insurgent campaign that removes unnecessary layers around DeSantis and puts him more directly in front of voters so they will get to know the true Ron DeSantis.   The guy that made Florida the state everyone wants to live in,” said Iarossi in a statement to The Floridian.

Outside of a few operatives that I have dealt with in the past—Bryan, Sam, Lindsey—it appears to be an amateur hour at Team DeSantis.

Over the past month or so since I returned from DeSantis's campaign kick-off week in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, I have been trying to put together my thoughts of how the campaign was in complete disconnect with voters, and on the verge of a possible collapse, or at the very least, a reboot.

I quickly realized that Team DeSantis’s problems started a very long time ago, and it’s all Ron’s fault.

After all, the buck stops with him even if it's his campaign staff that is biting the dust, as the late Freddy Mercury once sang.

Let’s jump right into this. There are some very key suggestions that Ron and Casey need to consider.

Social Media Craziness

DeSantis’s social media and embracing of “influencers” to support the campaign has been an embarrassing failure. The idea was novel and smart but has reached the end of the line.

DeSantis “influencers” do nothing but bicker with Trump Twitter trolls on the social media platform, actions that only embarrass DeSantis. (Trump trolls started the fighting)

What’s worse is that no one takes this group of “influencers” seriously considering that all they do is post pictures of themselves on Twitter at restaurants with drinks in hand and solely promote DeSantis and dress down Trump.

If you want to use “influencers” to promote DeSantis and try to convince potential voters to back “America’s Governor,” you don’t compromise the plan by posting pictures of the influencers having access to DeSantis.

Some, but not all of influencers are now seen as just hacks that support DeSantis and are believed to be being compensated.

What’s even worse is that these people are using the same Democratic lines of attack used against former President Donald Trump in 2020. These same people all backed Trump and defended him, but now are attacking him with the same Biden playbook.

This does not help win over MAGA Republicans.


2022 Inauguration Day

The overly dramatic and over-the-top inauguration setup was the beginning of the problems.

I get trying to convey the message that you are presidential, but this was way too much.

The police presence was just overkill, and the Kennedy family optics raised a very high bar for Florida’s First Family.


Speaking of Reboot, Get Rid of the Boot. 

The name of the game is likability. The perception is that DeSantis is not likable and out-of-step with mainstream America.

He’s literally out-of-step with Middle America.

DeSantis needs to lose the black cowboy boots. While they are cool and fashionable, he can’t wear them everywhere he goes.

He also can’t wear those big ole industrial work boots with oversized blue jeans.

First of all, DeSantis needs a new pair of cowboy boots. Here is an image of my dark brown, (very relatable to most men) Ariat boots ($300 or so).

DeSantis can do as I do and wear these flat-toed cushioned boots with any pair of jeans, pants, or suits.

They work.

Word of advice: Just don’t wear these boots (any boots) with shorts. The last thing your campaign needs is for you to be seen as the lost member of The Village People.

That would not be good.


Lean, Mean Ron DeSantis

DeSantis has lost a bunch of weight. Great!

I will not divulge his weight loss secret here, but will say that he needs to switch out his wardrobe.

Ron, get rid of the aforementioned 1980-looking pair of jeans and work boots that make you look like some car mechanic at Pep Boys.

Also, get rid of the embroidered shirts.

Everyone knows who you are. The embroidered clothing makes you look like those dopey first-time political candidates that wear those God-awful  Real Estate agent-looking name tags at those boring Republican club meetings.

In addition, I have never seen a First Lady wear embroidered clothes with that title. Everyday Americans do not relate to that or the high heels.

The heels are great but not all the time. Here is a pair of wedges I bought Mrs. Manjarres. ($300 Chloe)

Ron, don’t be a cheapskate and go out and buy Casey a nice pair of wedges. They work.

Standing next to Aunt Roe and Grandma Betsy in Iowa wearing softer wedges and jeans go along way and make Casey look more like a soccer mom that drives her kiddos around in a minivan.


Kissing Babies, Shaking Hands

Great to hear that smaller events are planned. I have been saying this since Day 1. An upcoming bus tour is key, and going into the Ma and Pa gas stations and diners is essential to winning over everyday Americans.

Always introduce yourself and make eye contact as you shake every person’s hands.

“Hi, I’m Ron, nice to meet you—thanks for coming out.”

Mix it up with a fist bump here and here and a few half-hugs, and some high and low 5’s.

Stop talking about Florida. When I was in South Carolina, that is what a few of your supporters and prospective supporters told me they wish you did.

The economy is what matters to them, not your tussle with Mickey Mouse or half-naked gay men who like to play Barbie and inappropriately tickle each other.

Oh, the Manjarres family spent the weekend up in Disney World, and outside of the really bad fashion, those people are the everyday Americans you need to appeal to. I did not see any black boots.


Just be Ron.

Like Nick recently said, “Let Ron be Ron.” He, like myself and a few others, knows that the real Ron DeSantis is likable and believe it or not, funny.

Yeah, your jokes can be stale, but they still make me chuckle.

For example, your little immigration crack on me in Sioux City, Iowa was impromptu and funny, as was your funny ranting to me about some people we knew during one of your events in South Carolina.

This is the Ron people want to get to know.

Believe it or not, people can also relate to your Ernie from Sesame Street laugh, even though Trump trolls like to make fun of it.

Voters can relate to that.

Also, people want to hear about you being just like everyone else— You sleeping in your congressional office, your experiences in Iraq, changing diapers at home, having to sleep on the couch because you managed to upset Casey (if that ever happened), the last time you drove a car, your dirty F-150, etc.

Lastly, and most important, tell stories about your experiences working in The Swamp.

The 2024 presidential primary is in full swing, but there is still a long way to go. All of the recent public opinion polls have President Trump leading the field of Republican candidates by double digits. The lates Fox Business News poll has Trump leading in South Carolina with 48% followed by Nikki Haley with 14% and then DeSantis with 13%.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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