Nunez Says She Looks Forward to Serve in 'Whatever Capacity' if DeSantis Becomes President

Nunez Says She Looks Forward to Serve in 'Whatever Capacity' if DeSantis Becomes President

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
May 10, 2023

Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez told the Floridian she looks forward to serving in "whatever capacity" if Governor Ron DeSantis is elected to a higher office. If DeSantis runs for President and wins in 2024, the Governorship would transfer to Nunez upon DeSantis's swearing in and she would serve out the last two years of his term, according to the Florida constitution.

"First of all the Governor has not made any announcements so we will wait and see what happens," Nunez told the Floridian after a press conference this morning at the Governor's annual Hurricane Conference at the Palm Beach Convention Center. "He picked me as his Lieutenant Governor. I look forward to serving the people in whatever capacity that might be."

Nunez, who is much more soft spoken than DeSantis, said under her and DeSantis's leadership, 12,000 illegal aliens have been nabbed trying to come into the U.S. through the Florida Straits.

"We have seen the devastating effects of the Biden administration as it relates to the border," said Nunez, who previously served as a State Representative,  oversaw the Florida Department of Health and was Chair of Space Florida before DeSantis picked her to be Florida's first female Hispanic Lieutenant Governor in 2018. "We have deployed air and land assets to make sure we are responding to the serious influx in the Florida keys."

"We are proud of the agenda we have set out and been able to accomplish on behalf of Floridians,"  Nunez told a packed room before the presser. "Everything from universal school choice to affordable housing, making sure that we're delivering for Floridians in terms of historic tax cuts. Not only at the state level but also nationally such as combating the nefarious actions of the Chinese Communist Party, making sure they can no longer purchase our agricultural lands or lands adjacent to our critical infrastructure of military bases. We believe that Florida is better because of the work that we have endeavored."

Nunez received loud applause when speaking at True North Classical Academy in Miami where she says her children attend. She spoke when DeSantis signed four laws which give Florida Teachers a $1 Billion pay increase, place strict Term Limits on School Board Members and place limits on the power of Teachers Union Bosses.

“The Education Unions have been turned into political weapons," said Nunez. "We want to make sure the Union Bosses are being transparent about how much they are earning.”

DeSantis was asked again yesterday about a Presidential run.

"So, I've been pretty busy. I know there's different stuff in the news," said DeSantis with a smile. "I may have something to say about the overall landscape for '24, but stay tuned on that."

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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson is a videographer and investigative reporter based in Fort Lauderdale. Chris covers breaking news, and local and state politics, and focuses on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. His work has been cited on Fox News and Epoch Times.

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