'Let Kids be Kids' and Stop Trying to Indoctrinate Them Into Being Transgender

'Let Kids be Kids' and Stop Trying to Indoctrinate Them Into Being Transgender

They are kids for God's sake

May 18, 2023

Progressive, pro-Transgender Democrats in Florida and around the country, are up in arms over the recent package of “Let Kids Be Kids” legislative measures Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law on Wednesday.

Gov. DeSantis has outlawed sex-change operations and other procedures on minors, preventing transgender individuals from using the bathrooms of the opposite sex.

"You have some states in this country that actually want to be a haven for these types of procedures and even welcome minors without the parents consent. We're doing the opposite here,” said Gov. DeSantis.

What’s wrong with that?

Shouldn't we be protecting children at all costs?

Florida Democratic state lawmakers called the signing of the bills anti-gay or anti-LGBTQ, calling the bills “hateful and discriminatory.”

“Governor DeSantis signed 4 anti-LGBTQ+ bills into law. That includes gender affirming care ban, bathroom ban, restrictions on drag shows and the expansion of Don’t Say LGBTQ. He also signed a bill that impacts the Florida High School Athletic Association. Below is our statement,” stated Rep. Anna Eskamani.

Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book added:

“Today, on International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a series of hateful, discriminatory, anti-LGBTQ bills into law. Trampling equality is not freedom.

These bills take us several steps back as a society that’s fought hard for progress and equality. Being gay or trans isn’t perverse. It isn’t dangerous. What’s dangerous is the discrimination legalized today.”

Dramatics aside, and in trying to come off as impartial, these bills are not anti-Gay or anti-LGBTQ.

The Kids

How does a 4, 6, 10, 12, or 14-year-old know they are definitively transgender?

You all remember being that age, right?

My daughter is 4, my son is 3, and my youngest girl is 2 year-olds. They all play with each other toy dolls, toy race cars, and firetrucks. Does this mean they are all transgender and I should be out changing their sexes?

My 4-year-old actually loves to watch “Battlebots” with mom and dad on Thursday nights.

By the way, “Battlebots” on Discovery Channel is fantastic!

No where on TV will you be able to find the most awkward mechanically-inclined nerds who like to blow up robots they have dreamt up and built.

Does watching Robots being destroyed make my daughter a lesbian or transgender.

My 10-year-old asked me the other day about Transgenderism, asking why some of her friends at school think they are transgender?

One girl, who recently said she is transgender and has been to my house (annoying kid) is as girly as can be, and was all about boys. Two days later she thinks she is transgender. Then two weeks later she realizes she isn’t transgender.

Can someone please explain this to me?

Oh, and the kids are having transgenderism shoved down their throats on Tik Tok and Youtube. I recently had to scrub by 10-year-olds ipad because these stuff was still making its way through the parental filters.

These kids haven’t even hit puberty yet, so how can they have any idea about their sexuality or sexual preferences?


As a parent, I believe the LGBTQ or gay community is simply upset because the bills DeSantis signed into law prevent them from exercising what they feel are “their” parental rights, and has nothing to do with the actual children.

Kids don’t know.

I ask my 2-year-old if she is transgender because she put on her brother’s t-shirt and pants.

She responds,” Daddy, I pooped. Where is pappa (grandpa)?”

I asked by 3-year-old boy the same question.

His response: “Daddy, are we going to Publix? I need milk.”

Then the 4-year-old responded:

“Huh? I want to watch “Planets for Kids” on your phone. Is your nose better, no more boo boo?”

Let me share some personal information, maybe it’s too much information, but so what.

At the age of 11 years old, I experienced my first, let’s say “man moment” when I found myself at a six grade graduation pool party. I remember vividly that two of my female companions were showing their unabated attraction towards be in the pool.

Periscope up!

Nothing bad, so take your mind out of the gutter.

Regardless, at that moment I realized that I liked girls. I mean, really liked girls.

The Big Bad Gay Wolf

Over the years, meeting girls was easy for me. How can it not be, have you seen me? LOL Kidding. (Not really kidding)

But when I turned 19 years old, the increased attention from homosexual men I was receiving ramped up.

Everywhere I went, gay dudes would hit on me.

They would say,” Too bad you are straight, but are you?”

What these dudes were doing was trying to indoctrinate me into thinking I was gay so that I would experiment with them.

It's true. It happens all the time in society. Its called cruising.

So, I spoke to a couple of gay friends I worked with at the time, and they confirmed what I suspected.

To be honest, I for a split second questioned if they were noticing something about me that I didn’t know.

Was I giving off a gay vibe?

Did I have something about me that gave off to gay men that I could also be gay?

So, my two gay friends sat me down and gave me the “Knowing if you are Gay or not 101” rundown.

Like is the case with many disturbed parents, many individuals in the gay community, try to indoctrinate young kids or adults into thinking they are something they are not, or at the very least, sinking in deep doubt in their minds.

Turns out, my Rico Suave senses were accurate and on point. Me was very straight, and my "Staying Alive" street strut was in full swing.

Let’s just say that I lost count over the years. As Denzel Washington famously said in the movie "Training Day," "King Kong has got nothing on me."

The case I am making is that impressionable kids and even some young adults are targets for selfish manipulation by some very disturbed people, and susceptible to mental abuse by these individuals.

Again, “Let Kids be Kids” and they will figure out on their on who they are, who they will love, and who they will become.

For now, I am going to let by son wear his sisters clothes and play with his Spiderman and toy airplanes.

He will figure it out, as will my other kiddos.

Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres is based in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and is a nationally renowned award-winning political journalist, author, and Publisher of The Floridian.

He is a father of 4 young children and enjoys traveling, playing soccer, mixed martial arts, and weight-lifting. Javier has made many appearances on Fox, Newsmax, CNN, NBC, CBS, and The Blaze, and has been cited by numerous media publications including, The Hill, Washington Post, POLITICO, Tampa Bay Times, Fox News, and Miami Herald.

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