House Democrat Says 'Racist' Gov. George Wallace Would be a 'MAGA Republican' Today

House Democrat Says 'Racist' Gov. George Wallace Would be a 'MAGA Republican' Today

Is this a bit of a stretch?

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
May 23, 2023

After the NAACP President & CEO Derrick Johnson announced a “travel advisory” to Florida for Black Americans due to Governor Ron DeSantis's “leadership” and his “disservice to students and a dereliction of duty to all,” Democratic lawmakers like Rep. Maxwell Frost are now pushing questionable narratives regarding past American history, including that racist Alabama Gov. George Wallace was "MAGA Republican."

"Under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, the state of Florida has become hostile to Black Americans and in direct conflict with the democratic ideals that our union was founded upon," Johnson said, affirming that the NAACP is "not backing down, and we encourage our allies to join us in the battle for the soul of our nation

In response to a tweet from Texas Senator Ted Cruz, where the junior senator from the Lone Star state responded to another tweet about former Democratic Alabama Governor George Wallace having his state boycotted by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” Rep. Frost stated Wallace was a “conservative” and would be a “MAGA Republican,” if he were alive today.

First, here is what Sen. Cruz stated:

“George Wallace was a Democrat—your party—and an incorrigible racist. Dr. King’s standing up to his bigotry was heroic & helped change America. Florida today, by contrast, is an oasis of freedom, which is why vast numbers of African-Americans are moving there.”

Frost accuses Sen. Cruz of “misrepresenting history to justify racist policies,” adding that Cruz knows George Wallace “ was a CONSERVATIVE & if alive today would be a MAGA Republican

Now, Wallace was no Joe Biden, but the two men have share similar segregationist views.

During a congressional hearing back in 1977, then-Senator Joe Biden expressed his concerns over racially integrated public school busing.

Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this,” said Biden


Frost's remarks about “MAGA Republicans” fuel the ‘Republicans are racist’ narrative that Progressives have been pushing since President Donald Trump first took office in 2016.

In doing a little research on Wallace, Frost might be saying that he was a “conservative” for pushing lower taxes and some other populist views, but that appears to be where Wallace and Republicans shared  common interests.

As Cruz stated, Wallace was an “incorrigible racist.”

If anything, Wallace was a segregationist, which in essence, is a racist.

“In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever, said Wallace as he spoke from a speech written by former Ku Klux Klan leader Asa Earl Carter.

Wallace also defied former President John F. Kennedy order to allow for racial integration of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and personally stood outside a building to prevent two black students from being enrolled at the college.

"The President [John F. Kennedy] wants us to surrender this state to Martin Luther King and his group of pro-communists who have instituted these demonstrations,” said Wallace

And how can we forget when Wallace tried to prevent four black children from enrolling in several elementary schools in Huntsville?

Even former President Jimmy Carter called Wallace’s 1970 presidential campaigns “one of the most racist campaigns in modern southern political history.”

Yes, Wallace ran for president 3 times and governor twice, as a Democrat.

Even though Wallace shared populist views, and later stated that he wasn’t a segregationist anymore, is Frost accurate in saying that if he was alive today, Wallace would be a Republican?

It appears to be a bit of stretch to say that Wallace would have been a Republican.

We will never know, but Wallace would have likely became more of a Biden Democrat instead.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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