'DeSantis Presents the Greatest Threat to Donald Trump' says Campaign Spokesman

'DeSantis Presents the Greatest Threat to Donald Trump' says Campaign Spokesman

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
May 22, 2023

DeSantis's presidential campaign spokesman Bryan Griffin finally took off the gloves and called out President Trump by name after a report came out showing Trump's Super PAC has spent more attacking the Florida Governor than it did on all 2022 midterm races.

"These are the largest ongoing expenditures against a non-candidate in Republican primary history, and that’s all you need to know to draw the obvious conclusion. Ron DeSantis presents the greatest threat to Donald Trump." tweeted Griffin.

The tweet is in reply to a report showing Donald Trump's MAGA, Inc SuperPAC is pumping $2.8 Million more into attack ads against Governor Ron DeSantis, bringing their anti-DeSantis spend to $15.3M and blowing past the $15M MAGA, Inc spent on all 2022 midterm races.

President Trump has spent the last six months taunting and belittling DeSantis from his Truth Social account. Trump recently claimed Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo's Covid response was better than DeSantis's. "Even Cuomo did better," posted Trump.

Trump attacks DeSantis for initially implementing a Stay-at-Home order but Trump also declared a State of Emergency for Covid-19 and stood by while Dr. Fauci recommended bars and restaurants be closed.

DeSantis took a not-so-veiled jab at Trump while speaking at the Florida Family Policy Council on Saturday.

“We can never allow ‘Warp Speed’ to trump informed consent in this country ever again," said DeSantis in an apparent jab at Trump's Operation Warp Speed, which allowed for Covid vaccines to quickly be approved for Emergency Authorization Use.

Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo said he thinks at this point  nobody should be taking Covid vaccines anymore. DeSantis has empaneled a grand jury to investigate Covid vaccine manufacturers that will likely come back during his primary challenge to President Trump.

DeSantis changed his campaign Twitter handle from @RonDeSantisFL to @RonDeSantis today is expected to announce his is running for President in 2024 this week.

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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson is a videographer and investigative reporter based in Fort Lauderdale. Chris covers breaking news, and local and state politics, and focuses on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. His work has been cited on Fox News and Epoch Times.

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