Trump Calls New York Courthouse a 'Prison'

Trump Calls New York Courthouse a 'Prison'

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 12, 2023

President Donald Trump (R) sat down with Tucker Carlson this week for an exclusive interview on the Fox News channel. During the talk, PresidentTrump discussed a number of topics including his recent visit to a New York Courthouse. As he battles legal woes, Trump expressed that visiting a New York  Courthouse was reminiscent of a "prison."

The former president has been charged with 34 offenses, but his supporters have pushed back against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, accusing him of weaponizing his position. Moreover, not only have Republicans denounced Bragg and the charges, but GOP members have also pursued pressing charges against President Joe Biden (D) and Bragg himself.

Sharing his thoughts on when he was questioned at a New York courthouse for his arraignment, Trump said that "people were crying" because he had been arraigned.  "People that work there, professionally work there, that have no problem putting in murderers, and they see everybody... they were crying," Trump further explained.

Not only are they alleged to have been "crying," but Trump admitted that they apologized for what he was going through. "They were actually crying," he said, adding, "I'm sorry," Trump clarified.

The interview comes as Trump pushes back against the charges as well as further escalating his ongoing feud with Governor Ron DeSantis (R). Though Trump has directed choice words at his one-time friend.

Donald Trump, Jr. shared footage on social media from a recent podcast wherein he further criticized DeSantis, calling him a RINO.

"The problem with Ron DeSantis is that he's totally owned by his globalist donors and RINO's like Karl Rove, Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan," Trump Jr. said, adding that "they will do anything to stop Trump and kill off MAGA."

In short, Trump Jr. argues that DeSantis is "100% controlled opposition."

Despite his arrest, President Trump maintains that he will secure the White House in 2024.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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