Florida Republicans Beating Democrats 12-to-1 in Fundraising

Florida Republicans Beating Democrats 12-to-1 in Fundraising

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
April 23, 2023

The embattled Florida Democratic Party (FDP) continues to find itself situated between a rock and very hard place, as the political committee led by former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried has been out-fundraised 12-to-1 by their counterparts, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).

Should Florida Democrats have the proverbial political fork by stuck in them this early in the 2024 general election cycle?

Maybe, but there is still a lot time for Democrats in Florida to make more catastrophic political mistakes.

According to the most recent fundraising numbers posted with the Florida Department of Elections, Florida Democrats raised a mere $680, 870.39 in the first quarter of 2023.

Florida Republicans raised a whopping $8,432,636.89, over 12 times the amount Democrats raised this year.

This is not a very good sign for Florida Democrats considering how badly they were outraised, outspent, and outcampaigned during the 2022 midterm elections where the DeSantis for Governor-led effort buried Democrats like political cockroaches.

To quote the late “political prisoner from Cuba,” Tony Montana, “I bury those cockroaches.”

The RPOF’s fundraising prowess this year is simply a continuation of the gains they made in 2022.

In 2022, the FDP raised a total of $20,211.355.30.

The RPOF raised $128,025,968.42, the bulk of which came from the Friends of Ron DeSantis gubernatorial campaign. DeSantis signed over roughly $89 million to the RPOF.

Pouring Salt into the Wound

Just how bad is it getting for Democrats?

If the fundraising numbers weren’t enough to make Florida Democrats throw in the towel, then being eviscerated in voter registrations could do the trick.

As of April 1st, the RPOF holds about a 450,000 voter registration advantage over their Democratic counterparts.

This voter registration total should put the fear of God in Florida Democrats as the numbers continue to stack up against them with no end in sight.

“Governor DeSantis’ results-driven leadership continues to draw new voters into our state and to the Republican Party. In contrast, Florida Democrats continue to turn voters off, solidifying their party’s reputation as  ‘a dead, rotten carcass on the side of the road ,’” stated RPOF Communications Director Julie Friedland.

Friedland was quoting Gov. DeSantis’s previous remark that Florida Democrats were a “hollow shell” and “dead carcass on the side of the road.”

Top Florida Democratic leadership is doing whatever they can to mitigate the damage DeSantis and Republicans keep doing to their chances of any kind of political success, but getting arrested while protesting may not be helping their cause.

Fried and Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book were recently arrested for trespassing while protesting at the Florida Capitol complex earlier this month.

GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler, a longtime supporter of PresidentTrump who is trying to balance out his support for both the former president and Gov. Ron DeSantis in the upcoming 2024 Republican presidential primary race, appears to have a clear advantage over his Democratic counterpart Fried.

Ziegler has been spending most of his time pushing Republican initiatives around that while still finding time to clown Fried as being a Republican operative for “Employee of the Month” after her aforementioned arrest.

In response and in recognition of her continued tireless efforts to dismantle the Democrat Party and help advance the Republican Party, we have take an unprecedented step….by awarding Fried our ‘Employee of the YEAR’ just 1/4 of the way thru the year,” stated Ziegler.

Advantage: Republicans

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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